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We help you build positive wellness habits that stick.

Simplify your holistic wellness journey with 1AND1's in-depth supplement reviews, expert insights, and personalized habit-building app. Take our free quiz to reveal your well-being profile and identify growth opportunities across the 7 Dimensions of Wellness.

Win your day every day

Go From Onboarding To Your First Habit In 2 Minutes or Less

Step 1

Download the app and create your custom profile

Step 2

Set your intentions, followed by your goals

Step 3

Break your goals down to micro-habits and check-in daily

Step 4

Become the person you know you can be through action, reflection, and consistency

1AND1 Reviews

You'll Love 1AND1

This is literally what every person needs to be using. I’m SO impressed. This is the first thing that’s gotten me excited in a while. You took something that people struggle with every day and turned it into a fun, user-friendly way to become an active part of your own life. Am I allowed to share it with friends?

(Verified User)

10/10. This app is perfect for people who know what they want, and people who don’t. This is the best wellness app I have come across by far.

(Verified User)

This app is replacing one of my top 7 in every day app usage, and it only took me 2 minutes to get from onboarding to my first goal and habit. It’s changing my social and physical behavior, and I value it as my one point of accountability.

(Verified User)

I really love the way it breaks down goals into small habits. It makes a big goal feel less intimidating and people are way more likely to achieve a goal that way. You guys did a fantastic job – I truly love it.

(Verified User)

I’ve been the worst at staying true to my habits, but this app has helped me remain consistent around the habits that better my life on a day to day basis.

(Verified User)

The onboarding experience was dope – and I never say this. There is a wholesome vibe to this app. Usually there’s something missing, but this app seems to check all the boxes.

(Verified User)

The app is easy to navigate, user-friendly and gets you right into useful habit creation. It’s a dope platform, for real. I wasn’t expecting this at all!

(Verified User)
Become 1% better every day

Build Healthy Habits and Track Your Progress

Form new habits quickly and easily

Stop trying to do it all at once. Small, consistent actions compound over time. We help map your path, one micro-habit at a time.

7 Dimensions, Personalized

You're not a one-dimensional human. We address the 7 Dimensions Of Wellness and meet you where you are to improve your life holistically, based on your unique needs.

Inclusivity in

Our app celebrates BIPOC communities through supportive language, relevant suggestions, and space for each unique journey - ensuring features that pave a healthy path forward.

Reflect, Learn and Grow

Facilitate routine check-ins to evaluate your habits and adjust as needed to build momentum. Personalized prompts guide you to reflect on progress, view history, and decide to continue or pause habits so you can pivot toward what truly fits.

1% Better Daily = 37% Better Yearly

Go from setting your intentions and goals in onboarding, to your first habit in under 2 minutes. Intuitive habit suggestions, daily reminders and progress tracking await.

Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Our content library offers a collection of useful, science-backed how-tos from our Expert Team to guide you through each step of your wellness journey, whenever you need it.

Free Resources

Explore Hundreds of Supplement Reviews & Other Articles

Protein reviews, how-to articles and more — always free, with love from our expert team.