Best Apps For Fitness On The Go

By Soji James, CPT, CSCS

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Winter is usually a time when motivation is higher and gyms are packed with people on top of their wellness game. With the change into the summer season, things tend to go in the opposite direction. Whether it’s the abundance of BBQ, the beckoning call of beaches, or the travel to distant destinations, people tend to get a little bit more relaxed when it comes to their fitness goals. 

My motto has always been “if you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” As opposed to letting the summer be a time where you lose momentum due to everything you have going on, use it as an opportunity to sharpen your focus and breathe new life into your wellness routine. Luckily in the smartphone era, we have access to a ton of options to help us do just that. No matter where I am, here are some of my favorite apps that help me stay healthy on the go.

  • NEOU- Touted as the “Netflix for fitness,” this fitness hub exists as an exercise complex, influencer meet-up den, and a multimedia content studio. While you can take actual classes with some heavy hitters in the wellness space at their 20,000 square foot location in NYC, the real magic lies in the fact that each workout is filmed and available to stream or download for use wherever you can pull out your phone,tablet, or computer. Whether you are looking to get in a 5 minute ab workout or you only have access to a pair of dumbbells and are looking to get a total body sweat for 60 minutes- NEOU has got you covered. You can filter workouts by equipment you have access to and the amount of training disciplines are endless. (Some include boxing, yoga, Pilates, dance, etc.) You can try it out for 7 days for free, and after that it will only cost you $13 a month to access their diverse library of workouts. This app eliminates all workout excuses on its own.
  • Nike Run Club– I’ve never been a hardcore runner, but this app has made me fall in love with lacing up some sneakers and hitting the pavement. It easily tracks your run, has friendly leader boards for motivation, tailors Spotify playlists to help push you during runs, and gives you the option to hear from coaches and top athletes. Plus, it’s free! 
  • GLO– This right here is my go to app for yoga. The number of classes is seemingly endless (it has over 3,500), and they come in various disciplines and lengths of time. The app is user friendly and makes it very easy to find exactly what you are looking for—or maybe stumble across something you didn’t even know that you needed with a “discover” option. With 4.9 stars on over 10,000 ratings, I don’t think I’m alone when I say this is an amazing app. After a free trial, this app will cost you around $18 a month. I think it’s easily worth the stretch into your pockets.
  • Calm- Mental health continues to become more and more of a hot topic as we come to understand that good health or being truly “fit”  is about more than just the physical. When chasing your fitness goals, it can be easy to forget clearing your mind and finding balance in exchange for the grind. With Calm, you can pack some instant self care right in your pocket. Upon opening the app you are greeted by the soothing sounds of nature and a pre-programmed “daily calm.” It’s 10 minutes to a calmer you. If you are an advanced meditator or are looking for something different, they also have modules geared toward focus, relaxation, and even sleep stories narrated by the likes of Matthew McConaughey. This app can be downloaded initially for free (with limited usage) for the first 7 days and then will only run you 12.99 a month. It’s more than worth it for the peace of mind you will receive.

If you are looking to forego the electronic route completely and are looking for a fun and unique way to stay active while traveling or just a new workout in general, I recommend checking out the FitDeck. These are illustrated playing cards that allow you to craft guided workouts. With 56 cards in a full deck, the workout possibilities are endless. At 4.5/5 stars on Amazon with over 400 reviews, it’s safe to say this is a solid purchase. Find out more here.

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