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Health and Wellness Tips for the Busy Mom

A kid riding her mother's legs while she's working out with her.

When you’re pregnant, everyone likes to say “Sleep now, while you still can!” and joke that you’d better be prepared to never shower again. And yes, it’s true that when you become a parent, life becomes busier and you have less time for yourself. But the idea of discarding important self-care habits because you’re a mom now is actually pretty toxic. After all, you can’t be the happy, healthy mother your family needs if you don’t feel well. Moreover, you didn’t stop being a whole person when you had a baby, and you deserve to feel great! Here, I’ll share some health and wellness tips that even the busiest mom can work on her hectic schedule. You may not have ample spare time these days, but you have enough for this.

Eat Well—Even On the Go

When you’re a busy parent, it’s easy to skip meals or just pick at your little fussy eater’s leftovers. (After all, chicken nuggets are a source of protein, and juice boxes count as a serving of fruit … right?) But it’s important to eat a balanced diet that includes lots of veggies, whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat milk and dairy. Good nutrition helps you to maintain a healthy weight and avoid serious medical issues like diabetes, hypertension, and low immunity.

Mom and adorable boy and baby in sling cooking together in a sunny kitchen.
Good Nutrition Helps You To Maintain A Healthy Weight And Avoid Serious Medical Issues (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Breakfasts for Busy Moms

The good news is that making good meal choices doesn’t require tons of time. If mornings are hurried for your household, you might think about preparing a quick breakfast the night before. (Unless you’re doing physician-approved intermittent fasting, you’d never skip breakfast, right?) Try mixing a cup of steel-cut oats, a splash of skim or low-fat milk, a teaspoon of brown sugar, and a drizzle of maple syrup. Refrigerate it overnight, and pop it into the microwave for 45-60 seconds. It makes a quick and delicious high-fiber breakfast without the added salt and sugar of instant oatmeal. For some protein, you might pair it with low-fat turkey sausage or a hard-boiled egg. Eating a balanced breakfast is a vital part of starting your day off right.

Meal Prep for Easy Lunches and Dinners

Lunch and dinner don’t have to be any harder on mom, especially if you’re willing to give meal prep a try. You’ll make a big batch of meals to eat throughout the week or freeze for later use. To save even more time, you could prep meals you can reheat in a slow cooker or pressure cooker. Meat- and veggie-based entrees freeze very well, and you can pair them with brown rice or whole-grain pasta for an easy weeknight meal. For quick snacks, take even more shortcuts: try precut fruits and veggies, reduced-fat string cheese, and low-sugar granola bars. Done!

As a bonus, consider that your healthy eating habits might encourage your children to try new foods. Remember that, as a mom, you are your kids’ biggest role model right now. Let them see you eating broccoli, asparagus, grilled chicken, or salmon, and they just may ask for a bite!

Put Your Oxygen Mask on First

You’ve probably heard people use this expression before. And it’s true: you can’t take very good care of anyone else unless you’re taking care of yourself. What does that look like? Well, it’s different for every mother, but here are some ideas for self-care:

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Schedule A Trip To The Salon Or Spa For Some Prettifying And Pampering (Image Source: Shutterstock)
  • Take a nap when your partner or another family member is with the kids. Stretch out and get some shut-eye even if it means not getting to the laundry pile. It’ll be there when you wake up (unless your kids decide to do it!).
  • Take a mom break! Schedule a trip to the salon or spa for some prettifying and pampering. You’ll feel your best when you’re happy with the way you look. And there’s nothing like a nice massage to ease some stress and tension. It might even improve your overall health.
  • Spend quality time with your friends on a regular basis. Yes, your family is amazing, but you need strong friendships too. So please don’t feel guilty about those girls’ nights out—they could help you live longer.
  • Develop a daily habit that helps you to stay more relaxed and present in the current moment. It might be going for a solitary walk, playing an instrument, writing in a journal, or practicing mindfulness meditation. You might even find that more than one of these practices works for you. It’s less about what you do and more about how it makes you feel—and how often you do it.
Self Care For Moms | Mommy Morning Routine – Kids OT Help

You may feel like these activities are superfluous, but proper self-care habits really are a necessary part of your well-being. So make time for them, even if it means scheduling them into your weekly calendar.

Accept Help When It’s Offered

As tempting as it is, resists the urge to try to do everything yourself. If a doting grandparent or favorite aunt wants to spend the afternoon with your kids, it’s okay to say yes. If your child’s teammate’s mom wants to organize a carpool to and from games and practices, it’s okay to say yes to that, too. Or if your partner surprises you with a gift card for an in-home cleaning service, say thank you and accept the help.

Grandparents and their young grandchildren relaxing at home
It’s Okay To Say Yes If A Doting Grandparent Or Favorite Aunt Wants To Spend The Afternoon With Your Kids (Image Source: Shutterstock)

It’s not always easy to let other people do things for you, but you should still do it. It will relieve some stress, free up some time, and give you some space to recharge both physically and mentally. It also allows other caring, trustworthy adults the opportunity to be involved in your children’s lives, which is good news all around.

You Got This, Mom

There’s no denying it: being a mother is a lot of work, no matter how old your kids are. There may be days when you feel like you simply have too much on your plate. Just remember these two important points: 1) you’re a person with needs, too, and 2) it’s okay to take some shortcuts! Take good care of yourself, and enjoy life with your kids knowing that you’re doing a great job. Happy Mother’s Day!