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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Foodies

Guy presenting wrapped gift box to his excited girlfriend at cafe.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. Have you begun shopping yet? If not, don’t worry—there’s still time to find the perfect gift for that special someone. We usually associate chocolates, teddy bears, and red roses with V-Day, but I have many other ideas for holiday gifts. Are you shopping for someone who loves wine, cheese, or coffee? This Valentine’s Day, check out these great gift ideas for foodies that are a little more original. Since we all love food, there’s something here for everyone.

Gifts For Entertaining: Wine Decanter, Sushi-Making Kit, and More

If your Valentine loves to entertain guests at home, any of these thoughtful gifts is a great choice. Help make their first post-quarantine get-together a special one.

How To: Step-by-Step Sushi at Home – KikkomanUSA

Le Chateau Wine Decanter

Wine aficionados will love this beautiful hand-blown crystal red wine decanter by Le Chateau, which holds a standard 32 oz/750 ml bottle of wine. It’s easy to pour from and will make any dinner table look more elegant. Encouraging someone to consume a moderate amount of red wine is a creative way to say “I love you.” After all, much like having a Valentine, drinking red wine (one or two per day, depending on your age, sex, and weight) is good for the heart.

Sushi-Making Kit

Sushi is an excellent choice for a healthy lunch or dinner, but takeout can be expensive. This fifteen-piece sushi-making kit from Ioleem comes with everything you need to make fresh and delicious sushi right in your own kitchen. The cucumber cutter makes it easy to slice veggies into tiny pieces. The kit also comes with three sets of chopsticks for dining. Now it’s easy to enjoy California and spicy tuna rolls as often as you like without spending a small fortune!

CFT Cheese Board and Knife Set

No evening of entertaining is complete without a cheeseboard. Foodies and hosts will love these gift ideas. This attractive bamboo serving tray by CTFT is ideal for serving cheese, fruit, or charcuterie, with four extra-sharp carving knives stored in a hidden drawer. It also includes food-safe soapstone chalk for labeling cheeses and cured meats. The board is easy to wipe clean and store when not in use.

Novelty Gift Ideas for Foodies: Cookie Dipper and Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Some gifts are meant to make life more fun! Check out two of my favorite finds. 

The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon

Who doesn’t love an Oreo dunked in cold milk? With The Dipr Ultimate Cookie Spoon, you can really submerge that cookie without getting your fingers wet. This nifty little gadget is easy for kids to use, and it’s dishwasher-safe. It’s the perfect present for someone with a serious sweet tooth.

Nostalgia Coca-Cola Pop-Up Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

Kitchen gadgets don’t get much more fun than this Coca-Cola-themed hot dog and bun toaster by Nostalgia. It can toast two hot dogs (or any pre-cooked dogs, sausages, or brats) and two buns to your liking. The removable drip tray makes it easy to clean after use. With its campy design, it’ll be a conversation piece as well as a handy appliance.

Everyday Gift Ideas for Foodies: Mug Warmer and Kitchen Gadgets 

For a gift the recipient will use often, choose a product related to everyday eating. Here are some great additions to any kitchen. 

Dash Mini Maker Grill

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make it fun and easy with this Dash Mini Maker Grill. This little kitchen powerhouse can make pancakes, waffles, paninis, eggs, grilled cheese, stir fry, and more. Lightweight and compact, it’s an especially great choice for college students or anyone who lives in a smaller space. The Dash Mini Maker is also an ideal gift for anyone who vacations in a camper or RV.

Magnetic Notepads

It’s easy to jot down a grocery or to-do list when you keep notepads right on your refrigerator. These cute, fruit-themed magnetic notepads by Modern Bethel will add a fun splash of color to  any kitchen. Never scramble for a pencil and paper again!

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

Foodies also appreciate a good drink, which opens another category of gift ideas. Iced coffee is a real treat—when you’re drinking it on purpose, that is. When you’ve made yourself a cup of hot coffee that’s gone cold, it’s kind of a bummer. Keep any cup of joe (or hot chocolate or tea) hot for hours with this handy Mr. Coffee mug warmer. It’s easy to wipe clean and has a long power cord so that you can use it anywhere. Note that this is a great gift for the busy parent of young children—it’s not often that they get to drink their coffee immediately!

OXO Good Grips 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer

Avocados—they may be a superfood, but handling them can be kind of tricky. It’s much easier to make fresh guacamole for a crowd with this 3-in-1 avocado slicer from OXO Good Grips. Just remove the peel, and the avocado cutter splits, pits, and slices the fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) into seven pieces. It’s great for making morning avocado toast in a hurry, too.

Reusable Food Storage Bags

Foodies usually have delicious leftovers, so food storage gift ideas are always helpful. Single-use plastic products may be handy, but they’re no good for the planet. Check out this set of twelve airtight reusable food storage bags, sized for snacks, sandwiches, and larger portions. They’re a great way to store food without adding to the local landfill. These bags are BPA-free, nontoxic, and can be used in the freezer as well as the refrigerator. They’re easy to wash with cold water in the kitchen sink.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Enjoy shopping for Valentine’s gifts that can help your loved ones to eat well, enjoy life, and keep a happy and healthy home. They’ll be a hit all year!

While we’re on the subject of holiday shopping, why not plan ahead? Since it will be here before you know it, here are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that will help Mom and Grandma to live their best lives. Don’t worry—I thought of some for Dad too. There’s never a bad time to present someone with a thoughtful gift that makes life easier, healthier, and happier. 

Have a great Valentine’s Day!