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My Secret to Affording Healthy Ingredients on a Shoestring Budget

A selection of products from thrive.

As a health coach, the number one excuse I hear when it comes to eating healthy is the cost of healthy alternatives. While I don’t believe that to be a valid excuse (especially as your doctor bills will pile up later down the road if you don’t take care of your health now), I do always want people to have access to affordable options, in order to stock up on healthy ingredients in their pantries.

Fresh Produce and Other Healthy Ingredients

Eating fresh produce, and finding healthy alternatives for processed foods and refined grains and sugars may actually be cheaper than you think. Harvard conducted a study on this exact issue and found that when you choose to purchase healthy food over unhealthy food, you are only paying $1.50 more per day, per month. I can also guarantee that paying the extra $1.50 a day will pay off when you aren’t paying for meds and doctor visits.

A box of products from Thrive Market where you can buy healthy ingredients.
Thrive Market (Image source: TechCrunch)

I’m always trying to save cash where I can (aren’t we all?), and I’ve actually managed to save around $150 a month while still consistently purchasing my healthy favorites using Thrive Market.

It’s an amazing resource for thousands of healthy alternatives for a fraction of the price (25-50% off retail to be exact). They have actually made the shopping experience very easy for those of us who are following keto, Whole 30, or are gluten-free by categorizing everything for you before you shop! (They even sell clean wine?) AND, by the way, not only do they have a ton of healthy food items, but they also speak to our hardcore health junkies with all-natural and/or organic cleaning products, essential oils, beauty products, pet products, and supplements.

Here’s how Thrive Market works:

There is a yearly membership fee of $59.95, but I’ll give you 3 orders and your savings will pay for that membership in itself. Think of it as a Costco or Sam’s club membership. I’ve also found 15%-25% off coupons for every purchase, on top of the savings I am already making by shopping at Thrive Market. I promise you: this membership is worth it when you save close to $1000 a year. (No joke.)

Thrive market advertisement
Thrive Market (Image source: TechCrunch)

Lucky for us new users, they have a free 30-day trial so you can experience the discounts without the memberships. Hopefully, with Thrive Market, you can find healthy ingredients, and no longer use cost as an excuse when it comes to taking care of your body.

Your health is an investment, not an expense.