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Off the Cuff

Jeff Allen: Power From Within & Self Confidence—OFF THE CUFF

This week we go Off the Cuff with former NFL football player, entrepreneur and businessman Jeff Allen. Jeff reveals how the COVID-19 environment has impacted him and his family, how he managed to open a business at the height of the pandemic and what he is doing to maintain his physical, emotional, and mental health during these challenging times.

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Jeff Allen Interview Key Points

In this interview, Jeff discusses the following topics:

  • He reveals the story arc of how the Cookie Society came into being.
  • The challenges of opening a bricks and mortar store during the pandemic.
  • How those challenges have made the business more efficient.
  • His take on the Last Dance documentary and the lessons he derived from it.
  • The importance of teamwork in all aspects of life.
  • The importance of maintaining a mental edge.
  • His reflections on playing alongside Patrick Mahomes.
  • How his family is coping during these challenging times.
  • His plans to become a financial planner.
  • The importance of building financial leverage as a pro athlete.
  • How he transitioned from NFL into business.
  • What advice he would give to athletes during the pandemic to stay locked in. 
  • The importance of staying on top of your cardio as an athlete during the lockdown.

About Jeff Allen

Jeff Allen is a retired NFL football player and businessman. He was born on January 8th, 1990 in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating from King High School he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign. Between 2008-2011, he started in 47 games, playing at left and right tackle.

A black and white or grayscale shot of Jeff Allen wearing a coat and black shirt
Jeff Allen: Businessman, Entrepreneur, Retired NFL Player

In 2012, Jeff was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the second round of the draft pick. He played in all 16 games of his rookie season, securing the starting guard position in Week 4.

In March of 2016, Jeff signed a four-year contract with the Houston Texans. Then, in May 2018, he was placed on the reserve after suffering concussion and ankle injuries. The Texans released him from his contract in July 2018. In October, 2018 he was signed by the Kansas City Chiefs. He resigned with them in August 2019 but was subsequently released in October, 2019. He is now retired from the game of football.

Jeff is married to former Illinois soccer player Marissa Holden. They have two children.

Earlier this year, Jeff and Marissa started the Cookie Society, selling gourmet cookies. The business began online, with the couple opening their first bricks and mortar store during the height of pandemic lockdowns. Jeff is hands-on, helping with the day to day operations of the bakery.

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Watch The Full Interview on YouTube

  • Got my brother, Jeff here. Jeff Allen.
  • Yeah
  • Been at it since old weight
  • Yes, sir.
  • Look, is I just, I just did it ended up having quite as the career that you have, but all good.
  • Its all good man, everything happens for a reason man.
  • Nah for sure, man.
  • You the boss.
  • Hey, I can’t complain, life is definitely good. So I definitely can’t be mad at uh, you know how things have turned out. They’re very blessed still, and it was a pleasure watching you, you know, live that out, man, everybody, you, you always that underdog, that, that, that just kept me going no matter what
  • Always man always was that guy, nobody believed in, but it was the mentality bro, I’ve always believed in myself, no matter what I’m going to lifetime. I’m always going to leave on the best at it. I may not be, but that’s how I feel you know?
  • Nah, I will say you are one of the most confident individuals that I’ve ever been around, So it don’t matter if you, I mean, Jeff would, Jeff could be last in conditioning. He don’t care. He’s still better than you,
  • Yeah, that’s whats up bro.
  • That’s why you play all the games you play that’s why you started The True Freshman. That’s why you went on to have what a nine year career.
  • Yeah, nine years men.I think that’s the, I mean, I look back on it as a kid, I just was talking. But I mean, it’s just the power, you know, you turn the things that you speak
  • Its mental. as long as you believe. I mean, you gotta put the work in, but as long as you believe, that’s the first step, belief.
  • Right.
  • And I don’t think I’ve always had that. And that belief, you know, turned into confidence as I started to prepare. And that’s what, that’s what it was for me.
  • Nah, for sure, man. You know, I like, especially during these times, I mean, you know, it’s so hard for people to have a positive mindset, but obviously, you know, that type of talk, I think, I think it’s huge for people to understand that you just gotta, you just gotta believing you gonna get through it you’re gonna get past this no matter what the situation may be. You know, I mean, you know, for example, right? Like someone like yourself, you probably had this COVID situation happening in the midst of you launching your first cookie store, the cookie business was already growing the cookie society,
  • Yeah
  • Which you and your wonderful wife, I’m also good friends with and also went to school with, um, you know, Marissa, the fact that you guys launched that in the midst of all of this down there in Texas is, is truly remarkable. And we’ll, we’ll, we’ll, we’ll get into that a little bit, but you know, the, the, the way you faced that adversity and still went on to do that and shoot, I’m, I’m only hearing good things about it. So about the success of it. And as you, as everybody can see behind you, you’re right there, working away in the store. So that’s awesome stuff. But first and foremost, I just want to thank you for joining me, man today. You always, you always support everything I do. You always come through. So I appreciate that. And then yeah, just general jump right into it. I’ll give you the floor to kind of just let everybody know who is Jeff Allen.
  • Man. My name’s Jeff Allen, from South side, Chicago, born and raised. I was just a little fat kid that had a dream. of being an NFL player and made it happen.
  • Right
  • I was the highly talented guy I was a high recruit, you know, but I had a few people in my corner that believed in me just as much as I believed in myself. And they gave me the confidence and they gave me the, you know, the fight to continue and things got hard because they made it. I mean, there’s no easy, easy path to success, no matter what you’re doing in life, they’re going to be ups and downs, but it goes back to that belief, if you believe in what you’re doing and you know what your goal is, the ultimate goal, you’re not going to falter. You’re going to keep going and keep pushing. You’re going to make sure you reach that goal. So, you know, you’re not going to let these little hiccups get in the way and that’s just a part of life. Don’t let you know, hard things, stop you from doing what you’re doing, you know, don’t quit.
  • Facts, no, I mean, man, like even though we were peers and we came in together, like shoot, and a lot of ways, I, you know, I, I gained strength from your confidence and your ability to, you know, showcase that no matter what shoot, there was times where I would secretly just watch film while you’re like, how the hell is like, Jeff is just out here, like locking down, you know, first potential, first round draft picks as an 18 year old or, you know, and, and, and just figuring it out, you know? And I used to, I know me and Graham would be like I don’t know how he does it, but, but you did it, man. And, and you know, I know a lot of that had to do with mindset and no matter what, you always just, it’s just, you just always had it from, from, from, from day one the first day I met you, you know, and you never backed up to a challenge.
  • I think it, like, I don’t have those. I mean, obviously I have some God given abilities, some things that, you know, a typical person doesn’t have, but as far as being like a specimen or something like that, that never was my makeup. I just think my edge has always been just, you know, just my mindset and understanding that, you know, in order for me to be successful, I have to be mentally tough. And then the person in front of me, I have to be sharp. I have to know what I’m doing. I have to prepare. And that preparation again, you know, the mentality of not giving up, not losing, I think that’s what propelled me. And it helped me a lot with life.
  • Right, no. And I mean, for you to say, you’re not a specimen, I mean, you may not look like Tyrone Smith or anything, You know, I would say based on your ability, your at your athletic ability, you were pretty, you were, you were, you know, above a, definitely above average, if not any elite level with terms of being able to move laterally and do all the things that were needed. So I think that played a big role in your success and you would just build a certain way that, you know, was what was kind of perfect for an old line. So I think a lot of that carried over, but yeah, I mean last year was your last year
  • Yeah
  • For the Kansas city chiefs. So, you know, super bowl champion
  • Yeah
  • You know, finally got that. Got one. That’s awesome. Definitely not on a bang, you know, I’m sure you, I’m sure you still getting some phone calls, et cetera, but at least from what I know, it seems like you’re totally cool with this retired life
  • Definitely
  • And, and, you know, you know, life after football and who knows you, you know, you, you, you may get the itch again and come back. I know you’ll always kind of leave the door open if, if, if, if the timing’s right and everything’s right with what you got going on, but how’s that been so far just kind of life after football thus far.
  • It’s been really cool, man. I’ve retired the last two of my seasons, I think honestly, I think now, like I kind of had to get myself, you know, you know, those last two years for closure,
  • Right.
  • And I think, I mean, obviously the love for the game will never go away, but there’s other things that arise in life that you prioritize like family, your health
  • Right
  • And all those things, and I think, you know, that’s where I was. I think I was ultimately making more about life after football and then football. And I think that that’s when, you know, it’s time you, it wasn’t that I wasn’t committed to it anymore. I just found myself thinking about, you know, other things after football. So, you know, that was, that was for me, that was like, okay, this is the end of this chapter. It’s time to move on to the next place in life. And ultimately, you know, that’s what I did, I think even before the season was over, even before in the last few years when we’ve been preparing for this, I’ve been preparing for other things. Guess I was preparing myself for life after football. And I think that’s helped me transition more.
  • No, yeah. You’ve always been someone who saw the big picture, so, you know, I know you never limited yourself to just football, even though you were, you were focused on it, you did everything you had to do to, to accomplish what you needed to get done and be successful at it. I know you always knew football had to end someday.
  • Definitely.
  • So, you know, I, that was something that I’ve always admired about you as well, that you never just, you know, you, you always had a plan B and, and, and you, you always saw life core for what it is and you saw it more. And obviously our parents, you know, my mother and your mother become somewhat of best friends and, you know, because of our journey and you know, so that’s been, that’s also been awesome. So I continuously get insight on everything you got going on and vice versa. I’m sure. So, yeah, I mean, just to, just to give more insight on what your business is that you started with your wife, Marissa, who I should also bring on here. Cause she’s awesome. The cookie society, man just, just, just give us a little background and insight on kind of where it started and, and how you got to this point. To opening this successful business during these times.
  • Yeah. As you know, Marissa has always been like a cooker, a Baker. She’s always had a passion for that. And honestly, we’re in New York and we’re just visiting. And we heard about this place called The Vain Bakery. And we stood in line for like an hour for some cookies. And I’m like man, this is ridiculous. I’m standing in line-
  • Was that the trip that we hung out?
  • Huh?
  • Was that the trip. That we hung out?
  • Yeah. we stood in line waiting for your cookies and they were amazing. And you know, me Marissa loved them too. I was like.no shot, this is too good.
  • Wait, was the cooking society Just an idea at that point?
  • Yeah. It was just an idea. Like it never, it didn’t exist. So I was just, I was just poking fun at her, just making fun of her just cause I know she’s competitive and it was kind of like reverse psychology. I love the cookie so much. I wanted her to make it for me.
  • Right.
  • She ended up like trying to, she went on this quest trying to figure out, how to make the perfect cookie and went home a couple months she’s like, got it. She came to the kitchen and I was like yo, you got it. So she started sending back. She started sending them to our locker room and stuff, you know, after wins. And a lot of my teammates started asking, Hey, what can I buy this for the holidays? When can I send this to someone? And at the time I’m like, you know, this isn’t a business versus like, Marissa’s like, I don’t really want to do, you know, this isn’t a business. It was just a hobby for me is fun for me being an entrepreneur in front of them. I’m like no, this is an opportunity.
  • Yeah
  • I’m like this is really amazing talent. It’s your passion, why not turn it into a product and sell it. And that’s where it was born. You know, we started to think of the ideas started working on the branding and you know, we kind of started our business. Not that people don’t start online In the food industry, its kind of backwards. We didn’t know that at the time we just started out online. We started shipping to family and friends just to test it. We built this really crappy website that we still have right now.
  • Well, I’m gonna help you with that. Don’t worry about that.
  • Yeah. That we, that we still have right now, but it was just to test the market to make sure you know, that this is a business that could last and you know, fast forward almost three years later, it’s grown to where we have a storefront we’ve grown tremendously just from a personal standpoint and a business standpoint. And now we’re ready for what we have coming.
  • Right. So tell us about this storefront, because, and again, I think this is something I think is, is, is amazing. You guys launched this during this whole COVID-19, you know, global pandemic.
  • Yeah.
  • How was that?
  • Yeah, it’s definitely some challenges and um, kind of accelerated the thinking of our business. We started out not opening the doors. So we had to figure out ways to advertise, figure out ways to get our product to customers with minimum contact. So we started with curbside delivery. We started doing pre-orders for text order. There are a lot of things we had to implement that we wouldn’t have implemented if there wasn’t a pandemic. And its, honestly, these are things that we’re going to keep even when things get back to normal because it made us more efficient.
  • Right And it’s honestly been a blessing in disguise, not to say that the pandemics a blessing, but, like us having to think on the fly, do things that you aren’t necessarily comfortable doing, but it’s helped us grow.
  • Nah, man. That’s awesome. Just, just seeing that, you know, I was obviously following it, you know, because I, I definitely support you guys and I actually need to put a couple of orders in. I just been trying to watch my quarantine snacks that’s all.
  • I’ve put on about 15.
  • And you guys ship, you guys ship nationwide.
  • We ship nationwide. You know, we do UPS ground and UPS second air It’s all up to the customer and we ship everywhere. You know, Hawaii, we got customers there.
  • Oh wow. We shipped to Canada before.
  • Wow. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Well, man, congrats on that successful launch and, and I’m glad you guys are pushing along. We’ll definitely get in contact about that website. So I, I know Katie being from Chicago, I’m sure you’ve been tuning into the last dance. I got to get your take on that real quick, during this conversation, just to, just to, just to kind of get a feel for what, what this documentary did for you. I’m sure you, I know you’re a bulls fan. You’re just a Chicago fan. You truly a live and breathe everything in Chicago. So, so I would love to get a little insight on it.
  • Thinking, I think a lot of things that I didn’t know about the organization, as far as business wise, I think a lot of us learn by watching the documentary.
  • Right.
  • That kind of upset me bro, I’m not gonna lie to you
  • Right, no
  • But it just, it just shows you, it speaks to you like team aspect of team. Like it’s more than one person. I know MJ was a star, but we all got to see like everybody role mattered on that team. Everybody was important and I think, I think we can learn a lot from it. Just, not just sports. I think in life, everyone has a team around them,
  • Right.
  • Everyone has a role. I think if everyone could like, you know, fall into their role, anything can be successful.
  • Right.
  • It’s not about everybody moved in the last second. It was going to be MJ taking the shot. But all of those minutes before that last second, everybody knew what they needed to do.
  • 100%
  • So I think, I think it was just a good, a good lesson for anybody.
  • No, no for sure. I mean, shoot, that’s a whole lot and we know the old line is bad. If, if the guards
  • yes sir
  • If one guy’s getting his ass kicked, then you know, we all look bad. So it takes all five of us to make the quarterback look good and make the offense look good. So, you know, the, the position we play as old line men I think we know more than anybody, what it takes to be a team and to work cohesively in order to, in order to achieve a goal. No. Yeah. I think the last dance was, was amazing. Amazing insight. I definitely, you know, I love, I love every second of it. I always thought Jordan was the gold. This is kind of put more of an emphasis on it for me, you know, his, his competitive nature was, was just truly next level. So, you know, it was pretty awesome to see, man.
  • Honestly got me feeling like I’m ready to go back.
  • I’m not gonna lie to you. I was like man, Maybe I just go one more time.
  • Hey, if I, if I was as close to it, as you, I’d definitely might find a gym or something that’s open or maybe I’ll come down there where you at, and just start training coz the way Jordan was emotionally attached to to winning
  • That’s commitment.
  • Yeah, it was like, I’ve never seen, especially with everything else he had going on. I mean, the man was it, you know, he definitely enjoyed himself, but he, you know, at the end of the day winning and the way he found little ways to mentally play games with himself to like to get himself up to really want to go at somebody was. Unimaginable
  • yeah
  • I mean, honestly I’m not saying I’m MJ or anything, but that’s what I did. And a lot of the time it was just real stuff like this real doubt, you know, MJ was so great that he didn’t really have that. And once he got to the NBA, he was always the guy for the most part. But it’s just having that mental edge, I think that’s, that’s, that’s very important.
  • Right right its like having a chip on your shoulder, never being complacent.
  • Right
  • I think that’s, that’s a big factor in being successful.
  • Nah, for sure.
  • Like, so just speaking of leaders and things, obviously you got an opportunity to play with, you know, the guy who I consider the best quarterback in football right now, you know, how’s Patrick Mahomes as a, as a leader. I mean, he’s obviously he’s, you know, he’s definitely the most talented right now. I think he has a lot of Superbowls left in him, but you know, I’d love to get some insight on that.
  • He’s got that rare mixture of having it all. Like, you know, usually a guy, if he’s ultra talented, you don’t necessarily have that dog in him or vice versa. Someone may have that dog and him, but he might not be the, you know, the pure elite athlete, but he has it all men he’s super humble. So just to add to that, but when he gets on that field, he’s probably the most competitive teammate that I’ve ever had. He can piece it, everything, whether it be shooting the hoops in the locker room, whether it be racing to the end or for walkthrough and peaks and everything. And I think that’s what makes him special on top of just being able to throw the ball flatfooted, 70 yards.
  • No, I mean, he’s, he’s he’s next level. I don’t even know what he is. He’s like Aaron Rodgers mixed with Brett Farr mixed with.
  • Russel Wilson, mixed with. He’s just, I mean he does, he takes the best. I don’t even know he’s taking it from people, but he has the best of the best persons game. I mean, he has good mobility of like a, like a Russell Wilson, the arm strength and accuracy of Aaron Rogers just the mentality of like a Tom Brady
  • Yep
  • He’s the only guy just that championship DNA. And you know, any chance, anytime you’re playing a game, you have a chance to win him
  • I mean, I knew, I knew he was a real one when y’all were, when down in Fox borough two years ago when they also should have went to the super bowl, if it wasn’t, you know, the off sides call.
  • When I was in Kansas city, that hurt.
  • Yeah. Yeah. But the way he bounced back in the second half, I mean it both times and against the Patriots the way he, the way he bounced back in the second half. And it’s like, it’s literally, you looked up and even again this year, when I think you guys went down 24 zip to the Texas
  • The entire playoffs was like that. They never had, I mean, there was never a lead.
  • I remember watching that game with my business partner and I was like, Oh, Texas should be good. Literally, literally who home, by the way, you also played for the Texans, right?
  • Yeah. Who else? We got break quarterback too. Not too far behind Pat. He’s just, he’s just in a different type of situation.
  • You think Deshaun wasn’t Deandre Hopkins up 24 to zip or whatever it was, I’m thinking. Well, I mean, he’s always have a chance to make it a game, but you know, it looks like Texas have a nice string all in is in the same quarter. The houstons lead, which is crazy.
  • And still won by 20.
  • Well, exactly not only took the lead in that quarter. Also just continue to put the foot on the gas and, and completely dismantled the Texas, which was insane. Actually had a solid interview with Whitney as well. So man, that’s, that’s, you know, that’s awesome insight right there, but to what’s the move along and, you know, just got out of the football stuff. How’s the family, man. I love seeing all your kids, man. And you know, back when we were in high school bouncing around, I don’t think we even even had a, I know we always, we all want family, but the fact that we’re here now, you got multiple kids out. I’ll get to it one day. But you know.
  • Take your time. Of my kids, it’s awesome. They give me so much life, man. Like, like my daughter, she keeps me on my toes because she’s like a little negotiator. She’s different ways. And you know, if I tell her no, she’ll settle for it. But at the same time, she’ll, she’ll try to get something on the backend, which is crazy for a five year old, super smart, super sweet and loving. My son is like the miniature version of me. Like just a boy, like a little boy, like having fun. Um, eating all the snacks. Just a mama’s boy. I mean, I was the same way. I mean, I’m kind of still like that, I love my mom. He’s the same way, man.
  • No, that’s awesome. And you guys are good during these times just hanging in there.
  • Yeah. Hanging in there, you know, it takes a family, you know, you know my mom’s helping out with the kids, you know, her parents, with us being so busy and there not being any school and whatnot, you know, that’s our childcare right now. Our family has done a great job of stepping up and helping us in this time, a critical point in our, in our business where we have to be here. No worry to make sure that it’s going the right way.
  • Right? No. Yeah. I mean, my mom was the best. So I know she’s a, it’s good to have her down there. Your sister’s down there too, right?
  • Yeah. My sister’s down here and she works with Pepsi and Frito Lake and she has two kids. So pretty much almost my entire family’s here
  • Right.
  • I mean the more immediate family.
  • Our guy, he was down when there too, right?
  • Yeah. He was for a minute, you know, chasing the dream still. So still waiting to see how that shakes out for him. But regardless, you know, you know, the type of person he is, the type of mentality he has, you know where he’s persevered, through life will be good.
  • Yeah. No, for sure. I actually got to give him a call, just check in on him. That was awesome that you, you know, just kind, kinda took him in and, and you know, poured into his dream, that’s what brothers.
  • They go beyond. It goes beyond football, you know I considered y’all my brothers,
  • For sure.
  • If there’s something that I can do to help my brother, you know, reach a point in life, where he’s , he’s happy. That’s what I’m going to do. And I know you all would do the same for me.
  • No a hundred percent, man. I mean, you know, I’m just, I’m super excited to see you scale this, this cookie business. And you know, I think just even thinking about it, there’s ways, there’s a ways I’m already thinking of that. I think you can take this to the next level cause you, you, along with obviously Marissa just has a, has a crazy knack for cooking. She’s had that since you guys were dating in college. So, you know, that’s crazy to think, you guys have been together a decade. Wow. I still have that picture where you’re holding her. That’s awesome. But, but yeah man, that’s I awesome stuff and I know you, I know you guys are gonna take this to the next level cause you guys are both competitive and passionate about what you do.
  • Right
  • Is there, is there any, obviously your transition to the whole entrepreneur atmosphere? Is there any other things you got, you got going on for you that, you know, is it just all just all in on a cookie business?
  • Nah, I’m actually studying for my series seven to get certified, to be a financial planner. And that’s always been my passion outside of football, which I didn’t realize until I got to the NFL. And as I got older, I started to know learn money, learn how to work with money and learn how to save, but not just to save, Learn how to safely invest and make the proper moves. So I can set myself up to be able to say, you know what, I’m okay with being done with football, I don’t want to keep playing for a check. That was life for the last four years. For me, it was just because I love to play football. It wasn’t about the money. And I was able to make moves and go places and take less money because of that, just to be comfortable being an environment I wanted to be in. But being able to talk to the younger guys and telling them like, Hey, no, wait on buying your momma that house or don’t buy that car or you don’t really need that watch right now. Wait, wait, wait, until your career shapes out. You know, wait until you’re five year six, wait until that second deal. You know, because the worst thing you can do is buy something you can’t afford later in life. You might under buy, you might buy a house, you know, you might okay, I can upgrade. Now I’m making a little bit more money, but you still have to sell that home. You know, there’s pros and cons to everything, but it’s just, it’s such a, the NFL like moves so fast. You never in one place, you know, for a permanent time. So as far as buying a house earlier career, I wouldn’t advise doing it. I know a lot of people say, you know, you’re just throwing money away by renting. Well, I mean, our careers are short you buy a house. You know, you get three years later, you don’t want to be there anymore. Now you’d have to sell a house. And let’s just say, it’s a downmarket. Now you’re stuck with a house that you can’t afford anymore. Now you’re in a worse situation than if you had just rented, you’d have that cash in the way. Maybe invest in something that’s securing interests. And like just little things like that, that I learned. And just, just by reading, experienced, studying things that I think that someone with my background, you know, coming from the same place, the majority of us come from that don’t have that, you know, that knowledge for money or wealth, being.
  • That’s awesome, man. That’s awesome that, you know, you try and get on the other side of it to help people out I mean, I think I know the statistics are crazy in terms of people go broke posts, you know, playing career NFL specifically just because the, the, the life span on our careers are, are, are so short, you know, such a physical game, you know, and, and the turnover in terms of the draft every year, et cetera, amount of people coming in and out, you know, it’s hard to stick around. I think the average life span is two and a half years. So you getting on other side of that, I think is awesome. I know we’ve always talked about that as well. So, you know, we’ll, we’ll continue this conversation after that. I mean, sorry, after this to, to, to, you know, discuss that because there’s a huge opportunity there it’s something has literally been talked about for years, but I don’t think it’s been done properly.
  • It’s not, you know guys, and there’s not really a safe Haven for guys to go to, to invest their money work together, like and it’s crazy because there’s so much money that these, that, you know we make
  • There’s so much you can do, if you could collectively work together to do something, but the problem is, is it’s been done, but it’s a lot of people that that’s putting that together to standardize is a lack of lack of trust for guys that are coming in the league. I know there’s a lot of information that is thrown at us at rookie and rookie symposiums. You know, rookie means that rich organization, but a lot of it’s just, you know, a lot of these organizations, these symposiums, I think it’s just to check off a list, check a box saying we did it.we gave them information Now it’s up to them.
  • right Its not just actually like, you know, showing that you care about these guys, and it’s not just about, you know, what’s in it for me, you know, how am I going to benefit from this? You know, not seeing the guys a number was just seeing them as the person that they are.
  • Right. No. Yeah. I would love to see definitely the NFL taking another step forward. We’re just, you know, giving these guys some direction, you know, so they have some to hopefully lean on after football, but guys are so lost when football is over
  • That’s the conversation though, you gotta think about it from a, just from a business sense. And I think about it from all aspects. If I’m living as if I’m an owner, I don’t want you to be financially irresponsible. I don’t care.
  • True
  • Because at the day is going to benefit me when it comes to a second deal, because you’re not going to have, you’re not going to have the capital or the patience to wait to get what you deserve. I’ll be able to give you whatever I want.
  • I build the leverage,
  • Yeah I build the leverage. And that’s how they’re thinking about it. Not even, they’re not thinking about, you know, us as people, us after football, our families, and, you know, setting us up for wealth is how do I win this deal The second time around, I need to become a billionaire. You’re also competitive, you always wanna to win. And it doesn’t matter about the person I think the more people you can get around the NFL that are in the PA former players that can genuinely tell these guys they care about them. I think they’d be better.
  • Man. That’s great insight right there, brother. Any, any athletes who watched this should definitely just take that quick advice or just reach out to, to Jeff to
  • Reach out to me, I got you bro.
  • Stay on track men, that’s awesome. Just a couple more questions and we’ll wrap up. Have you, have you picked up any new hobbies or interest or anytime or is it’s just not really.
  • Not really, man. I’ve been like, literally it was like, as soon as I was done, my feet were on the ground doing this and it’s been nonstop ever since. I mean, you know, my number one hobby was video games. Don’t that as much as as much as I would like anymore. And I picked up rollerblading again. That’s crazy. Right? A big 300 pounds. Six five foot roller blading.
  • Jeff you could just roll around. We, we did, we, we went to Illinois together, played football university of Illinois together but Jeff used to literally roll to the locker room with some roller blades, 315 pounds riding through campus on a roller blade.
  • I never changed. I was the only kid in the hood, rollerblading because it breaks from business, bro. I saw them roller blade and I was like, I need a pair of those. I need to figure out how to do it.
  • As crazy as it sounds. I used to because you were so good on the football field. I actually, it crossed my mind a few times to take up rollerblading because I thought it would give me it would, it would help me on the football field, which I think did
  • It helps in line man. Like it strengthens all those muscles.
  • No, I think it did.
  • That’s all of that.
  • One thing. The one thing about you and you know, that I always admired from a football standpoint is that you had the anchor and that no, I’ve never, like, I’ve never seen like a guy could literally run, run right through you and spend one point another. You would just anchor down and shut and shut that and shut that defensive alignment down. So, and I think that’s, I think, you know, I think roller blade has something to do with that.
  • It definitely did, man. I look back on my life. I think it definitely played a part just with that strength, that anchor strength balance. Yeah. Just teaching me how to be lighter on my feet. I think rollerblading played a big part in it. And now that I think about it.
  • No, yeah. A hundred percent. I know our, our old coach, our first coach, coach Wolf, he’s like about Jeff, Jeff got over on his roller blades. I’m like, all right, well, that’s, that’s a man.
  • I finally picked it back up, man. I stopped doing it after like my sophomore year. So that’s because I knew what was on the line. And I was like, you know, I can’t afford to, I know myself doing this.
  • That’s risky.
  • Let last question. Then we’ll wrap up. You know, this is, this goes back to athletes again, you know, obviously this is a different time for most, you know, some are better off than others or whatever, but what advice would you, would you give to athletes out there during this time to kind of stay locked in? I mean, and really at all levels high school, you know, professional college, whatever. Obviously, since you can’t really, you know, there’s a lot of guys who rely on this, this, this cheque, maybe practice squad bouncing around. What would you.
  • From a, from a professional standpoint, I would say, you know, the best you can save your money. If there’s things that you necessarily don’t need right now, then don’t do it because there’s a lot of uncertainty. I know a lot of people who are saying like, there’s going to be a season, but ultimately we don’t know. We don’t know if there’s gonna be a season or not. And the way the NFL operates, it’s not going to be like an OB or NBA where they’re saying like, you know, we’re going to cut your salary in half you’re not going to get anything from the NFL owners
  • Yeah
  • They don’t risk, in the contracts. I don’t know if a lot of you guys read it, but read those contracts, especially these free agents, that just signed, there’s clauses in there about COVID there’s clauses about, if there’s a work stoppage that you don’t get anything or you have to pay back a pro edit version of your signup bonus, things like that, that, you know, you necessarily might not know, or your agent might gloss over and don’t tell you because he wants to look good as far as the overall number, he didn’t give you all the details, but just brush up on your contract. You know, if you think you’re making a lot of money brush up on it and make sure it’s guaranteed,
  • Right.
  • And if you don’t have a new contract, save the money that you do have, because you don’t know when the next cheque is coming because it’s not guaranteed.
  • Right. Would you, and then in terms of guys, just from a, from a workout standpoint.
  • Do what you can. I think the number one thing for any athlete, it’s just cardio makes sure you stay on top of your cardio. Cause I think that’s the hardest thing to get back. Is your, is your capacity strength. It’s harder to get back as well if you lose it. But cardio is something that you don’t want to lose at all.
  • Yeah
  • That’s kind like the baseline for me, it was my baseline. Anytime I would go into the off season, I’m like cut back on the strength stuff that would always stay on top of my cardio on top of your cardio. Obviously everyone’s not fortunate enough to have a gym in their home, but if there’s someone where you can work out, I would encourage you to do it. And you know, just continue to do what you can. All that you can. Because if there is a season, they’re going to expect you to be ready. And you know, you don’t, the last you want to do is go out there and not be prepared and get hurt.
  • No, yeah. A hundred percent. And unfortunately, a lot of guys are going to be kind of behind the eight ball, but no mini camps, no TAs to kind of prove themselves. It’s going to be 96 guys, rolling into a training camp, trying to fight for that. For that 56 man, where they fit. I know it’s 53 but then you got.
  • You know? So 96, there’s going to be 30 guys in every team, you know? So you gotta come in locked in. So.
  • I’ll leave. I’ll leave. I’ll leave them with this. So guys that have aspirations of being in NFL or in college or guys that are just not entering the league, you’re a guy, a guy that’s not necessarily. I drafted. Well, you go into training camp, 90 guys. There’s 53 active roster spots, 10 practice spot. I don’t know. It was 53 active roster spots. Majority of teams going to training camp with about 45 or 48 guys that they know are on the team. So that leaves you with, you know, maybe A spots at most that, that frickin, what is it? 40, almost 40 guys are fighting for it.
  • Right So the odds are like, you got, you gotta be on top of your cardio I don’t know what you’re doing. But the more you can do the better, because there’s only a limited amount of spots. Don’t let the car knocks fool you. Those pretty five guys made the roster. There’s only eight spots, maybe 10, I don’t know, eight spots that are up for grabs.
  • Yeah. It sounds like you got a 10 to 15% chance.
  • Yeah. So just make sure that you’re in shape and don’t go in thinking you, that guy, the other guy next to you, the guy too, he was the guy, just like you were, be humble. Do what you can. Don’t be afraid to do special things. All those things that help you make a roster,
  • No man. That’s awesome insight brother. You know, I hope guys. Will see this and the athletes who see this. take that and take that in. I think that’s awesome, man, but real quick. I think your Instagram is if you want to just let people know Twitter, Instagram as well as cookie society stuff.
  • All of my, all of my, all of my handles are the same for my personal accounts as Jeff Allen 71. And then for our business cookie society, it’s @cookie society on all platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Yeah. Just follow us to get the live update on our menu each week in store. See some fun content it’s going to make you hungry.
  • Perfect. I’ll make sure to get Marissa on here. Who her at name on Instagram is first and full.
  • Yeah first and full.
  • Not only does she do cookies obviously, but she does a lot of really good cooking that I get very, very envious of every time I see Jeff post about it. So for anybody who wants some recipes or whether it’s sweets or just good home cooking healthy and not so healthy,
  • Balance man. Its all about balance. 80 20 ,80% healthy, 20% we do our thing.
  • All I know is everything she makes looks excellent. And I can’t wait to get down there and, and indulge for a couple of days so
  • Thank you again, brother, for joining on. I’ll let you get back to your, to your hectic day and schedule as an entrepreneur, as a parent, as a husband. Thank you so much, my brother and we’ll definitely be in touch
  • I appreciate the amount of love, imma halla at you.
  • Love, bro.

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