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Klarity Vine Star on CBD, THC and Hemp—OFF THE CUFF

This week we go Off the Cuff with entertainer Klarity, aka Greg Davis, Jr.

 With most states moving toward legalization of cannabis, this is an opportune time to dissect the issues surrounding weed. Klarity provides some much-needed clarity to provide perspective.

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 Klarity Interview Key Points

 In this interview, Klarity addresses the following key issues:

 About Klarity

Greg Davis. Jr, stage name Klarity, is a comedian, actor, and all-round creative guy. He established his reputation by becoming one of the fastest-growing creators on Vine, quickly collecting 4.3 million followers. He is now active on Instagram and other social media platforms.

Greg has quite an acting pedigree, having appeared in three seasons of the TBS show ’10 Items or Less’. He had a recurring role on ‘Lincoln Heights’ and has also been a guest star in the following shows:

  • The Shield
  • CSI: New York

Greg has recently completed a feature film and took a short film that he wrote and produced on the festival circuit, winning top honors at the Best Actor Film Festival. He has recently wrapped on two feature films, the Toni Braxton biopic Únbreak My Heart (in which he plays LA Reid) and a movie called The Eyes.

Greg was born and raised in Florida but now shares his time between New York and Los Angeles. He is a fitness devotee who is also passionate about empowering others and serving his community.

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Watch the Full Interview on Youtube

  • Got my man Klarity here, thank you for joining us.
  • Of course.
  • It was a pleasure to have you join me and what we’re doing with this Off The Cuff series. I see you got some good goods to finish off the night.
  • Yo listen, I needed it. It’s been a long week.
  • Aye, truly Off The Cuff here, my man Klarity, He’s activating the mental wellness aspect, of life right now. Unlocking that so, I mean, shoot let’s just get started on that.
  • I have a lot of views on it, let’s go.
  • I know how a lot of people, you know, really appreciate what weed can do for them. I mean, obviously…
  • Yeah.
  • CBD has become big, I mean weed in general, like a lot of people, for whatever reason it has a stigma that I don’t think…
  • I could tell you Why.
  • What does it do for you in your mental capacity? Your a very deep spiritual brother so, just touching on that I’m sure has helped you get through this Covid stuff that we got going on right now.
  • Yeah, So here’s my thing on it, man. I grew up with a negative stigmatism with it as well because you know, I grew up in a Christian household, we don’t do drugs like that. And first of all what it does for me is the one thing I won’t use it for is a crutch. I won’t use it if I feel like I need to be creative or you know, man I’m stressing to get high, like, I don’t… That’s not… or I can’t think I need to get high, I really just truly enjoy it. It is my, so some people enjoy a massage or having a glass of red wine at night, that’s my thing. I don’t need it for anything, I like it.
  • Right.
  • And it never puts me out, you know I’m not driving down a sketchy ass neighborhood at 3:00a.m tryna find it.
  • For me I think the only reason it was ever illegal to begin with is because the government, couldn’t put their greasy ass hands on it.
  • True.
  • Anything that they can’t make money off of is illegal because they can’t tax it.
  • Right, I mean…
  • Any money made in this country without taxing it is illegal.
  • I mean this is, this is true information. I mean, at the end of the day there’s, you know, I always had the mindset, how can alcohol be legal,`but you know…
  • Bro it’s poison.
  • Weed can’t.
  • Its literally poison.
  • If you think about it, but you know, the government can tax alcohol right? So, and they can make money–
  • Alcohol used to be illegal, moonshine.
  • I know, the prohibition, like that’s what…
  • Budweiser, the major beer companies were created out off illegalness. 100% nah I mean, that’s the people… The history of alcohol. look I know I enjoy having a drink every now and then, and socially with my friends and just social aspects So, I know how alcohol makes me feel and it be very tough to give it up for good. Nobody has obviously, I mean, at least from what I know, obviously weed can have, weed can have so many positive effects on the mind and all that good stuff. it’s still kind of a weird, sensitive topic, but you know, I think I like where I see where it’s going, where it’s becoming legalized in multiple states and all that good stuff. So, you know, I think a lot of people appreciate that. I know a bunch of athletes who obviously get caught for it or get suspended for it.
  • So stupid, but they can drink. They can go to the club and buy tables and drink.
  • Exactly.
  • Bro its retarded. I’m sorry, this is not politically correct word but its retarded.
  • No right.
  • I don’t understand, I don’t understand
  • 100%
  • It literally doesn’t make sense. It’s like weed is the only drug It’s not even a drug, It’s the only thing that doesn’t do harm to your body.
  • 100% You don’t, obviously you can have a lot and be stuck. Like you don’t OD on weed. Its not in the same realm as cocaine and heroin and crystal meth et cetera. It’s crazy how it was almost in that same category for the longest time. Where I think even in the NFL, if you tested positive for cocaine or weed, it was the same suspension time, which is, which is crazy.
  • Ricky Williams, one the best quarterbacks ever, smoked his way out the league.
  • 100% I mean…
  • Cause he wanted to smoke and they were trippin about us
  • Yup, I mean, Josh Gordon obviously the receiver he obviously struggles with… Its his vice man it’s not like Josh Gore is out there, like stealing.
  • Committing crime, I’m doing Coke, he’s chilling smoking weed bro like leave him alone
  • He shows up to work, right? If he…
  • He balls out.
  • Exactly that’s what I’m saying. If you show up… I see both sides some people will be like, look, I get it. It’s not that bad, but the rules are the rules, He should abide by it. Okay, cool. But however, at the same time, you know, if it’s something that’s been has been a part of your life, that you made part of your life, that has also helped you get to where you are of success, you know, it’s easy to sit there from an outsider’s perspective and say like, you know, you’re making it so much money, like just abide by the rules and you’re good, but you know, it’s not that easy. So I definitely get it. Would you say that… I mean you’ve already touched on it, but you as such a creative person, obviously with comedy and just skits and obviously acting etcetera. I think you already touched on know in terms of like, you don’t necessarily need it to expand your mind there, but is it more just something that, end of the night, end of the day, you know cool off, like you said, it’s that glass of wine for you, it seems like.
  • Yeah, you know, it started as that and it’s become now, if I’m being honest, like it depends, bro. It depends like sometimes I’ll wake up in the morning and I feel like I’m too distracted and I’ll need to come, pray or read or think about my day. I get up and like my body gets up at like 6:30, 7:00 every day.
  • Right.
  • And a lot of people are still sleeping at that time. So I’d be bored, like I’ll get up and I’ll just have a long time with my thoughts. And because I think about so much, I like to come on the porch and just burn one or hit the pipe bro, like I’ll hit a bowl real quick. I don’t even… It’s rare that I smoke joints or blunts. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I don’t sit there and get high in the morning without the day. And again, if that’s what I chose to do, that’s what I chose to do, but I’m like, I’m a functional smoker. That’s why I don’t see… Like sometimes I don’t feel like working out, I’ll smoke to amp myself to work out. I’m the opposite. Like I don’t feel slumped or lazy. I feel like it, it allows me to let go of the overwhelming thoughts in my mind. To just put blinders on and focus on… Like a horse, when they racing.
  • Right.
  • They put blinders on. Sometimes I’ll hit it just to put blinders on. So I could be, alright, from six to eight, I’m gonna focus and do nothing but focus only on stocks, From 8:00 to 9:00, I’m gonna do this, from 9:00 to 10:00, I’m going to do that. Think about what video I wanna post, write down new ideas, write jokes, got my captions, get that prepared so by 10:00, 10:30, 11:00 I can work out.
  • Right.
  • You know what I mean? And I think about so much throughout the day, that my brain jumping all over the place I’m like, sometimes I’ll be like calm down.
  • Right
  • So for me, that’s what it is. I may smoke in the morning and I may smoke…. I microdose all day. Like, I’ll take… I’ll come outside, hit my bowl once or twice, three, four times. You know what I’m saying? And then, and then I’ll be like, alright, cool focus.
  • Right, right. No, no, that’s, that’s interesting. I mean, for me, I’ve, I’ve done it before. I’m not as functional, I will say. For me, it’s definitely something that… I do get the best ever. When I, when I do do it, same thing with CBD products, hemp stuff that I’ve tried. What’s your take on those things?
  • Yeah I love… I think… So I’ll give you two answers from a personal use. Weed is, there’s nothing like weed, but CBD hemp, It’s a good healant for the body.
  • Right.
  • I’m a firm believer in, nobody wants the stigmatism of getting high. Okay, fine, do some hemp or CBD. Its just a body high, it really does relieve pain. From a business perspective, I’m a firm believer in cannabis companies and growers. No one will ever stop smoking weed, ever. And now that it’s becoming legalized all over, it’s going to become more valuable. So I’ve been looking into like getting a lot of, stocks, cannabis stocks, grower stocks, and hemp and CBD is the next thing. Everything’s gonna be CBD, CBD, CBD, because it’s the thing that people can take that affects the body without feeling like they’re high or feeling judgemental or self judgemental or so guilty about getting high. You don’t want to have a head high and feel loopy, but you want your body to be relaxed, that’s CBD for you. hemp gives you a flower. So there’s a people that may wanna smoke the flower, the whole look feel touch test, all that, but still give you only the body high effects.
  • Right.
  • I don’t mind any of them. I prefer old school weed because it does both, head and body. But from a business standpoint, I don’t mind either. I know that the country, economy, the world is more accepting of CBD and hemp because it doesn’t have that negative stigmatism that weed, that THC comes with. Therefore it’s smart to invest in tons of companies that deal with CBD or hemp, which you know what I mean or have products that have it in it, because everybody wants the effect of like not feeling their body, without feeling like they got high.
  • Right, no yeah 100%, I mean it’s a huge trend, obviously with what we do. Health and wellness company, it’s such a hemp CBD space is so just trending up. I mean, a lot of people are seeing the benefits from it. But I think that’s a good point that you brought up. If you don’t want the loopy affects which not for everybody it doesn’t necessarily do that, but if you want the benefits of weed, hemp and CBD on a smaller level, we’ll be able to provide that for you.
  • I know a lot of great players who relied on weed to, to just be better, you know.
  • I know players who play the game high.
  • 100%
  • Right now.
  • I mean 100%,we’re not going to name names but
  • Absolutely not, absolutely
  • I know a player, this was public knowledge, but like, you know, Percy Harvin talked about how with his migraines..
  • With his migranes
  • He felt better with weed and I don’t see how…
  • And he was a beast at Florida and the Seahawks and the Minnesota Vikings.
  • Yeah he was a beast you know, so it’s unfortunate that like he wasn’t allowed to smoke. Like if it truly made them feel better, I mean, at the end of the day, like it’s not a performance enhancer, so why are you getting suspended for smoking weed?
  • Because they’re afraid of the lazy stigmatism. They don’t want us to be lazy. They don’t want their players to be lazy and forgetful, and that’s the stigmatism that comes with weed.
  • I mean, I get it but you know if like you said, if I go out to the club and the night before a game and go to get a table, I’ll be lazy as hell. At the end of the day typically, players have some sense that, alright especially if they’re weed smokers, people who use often, they know the levels. their not about to show up, fully gone for a game they still know that mo… I’m sure there’s some examples, maybe that’s not the case, but I’m sure most guys know where they can be to succeed or to perform well. Like you said you know guys who have used and went out and performed and played. I’m sure they were fine.
  • I don’t know, maybe it’ll change, hopefully it’ll change. I don’t know.
  • Yeah I mean, it seems to be trending in that way. It seems year by year, it’s becoming more accepted and obviously states, and then I think just in sports in general, it’s going to continue to go that way. I think as it becomes legalized in States, it’s hard for it to for it not to become legalized in sports. So it’ll definitely, be interesting over time.
  • But Imagine how does that make you feel though? Because even when you think about how many… A lot of people are in jail and hell, if I even say black men are in jail for selling weed and smoking joint. Now weed is legalized, now you can go walk inside of a convenience store or dispensary and it’s like, we’re going to jail for it but…
  • No, no, no it…
  • I’m genuinely… So like if they legalized weed, that’s a whole other topic.
  • That’s like a reform topic, right? Like in terms of like, do we release everybody who went to jail for weed? Or is there a certain amount…
  • That’s a good argument, that’s a great argument. Yeah Maybe, like you know or depends what else they did.
  • No, that’s what I’m saying. It’ll definitely will have to be looked at case by case. But if it was truly just traffic stop in the car or whatever, then… Interesting right? So I still don’t think there’s need for people to roll around with trunks full of weed. I still think that can be looked at as you know, what’s going on.
  • Yeah man, come on man.
  • I think there was a NFL player, who just got stopped at the Canadian border. I think it was two Brown’s players if I’m not mistaken, maybe two different teams, but uh, I believe they got stopped with like a crazy amount of weed in the car. And I’m just like that those type of incidents I’m like, alright, let’s, you know, those types of cases are… We take two steps forward as a, you know…
  • True. But true as black people say it as, as black folk or people, right? Is that what you want to say?
  • As black people, we take two steps forward. We sometimes take two steps backwards.
  • You’re not wrong, but let me ask you, if weed is legal now what’s so wrong with me having a bunch of it in my trunk? If it’s a legal commodity, that’s no different from me having a trunk full of oranges.
  • No, no I totally agree. I totally agree which is why I said as we progress and it does become legal in all states…
  • They weren’t in a legal state.
  • Yeah, I believe they got stopped at either the Canadian border or somewhere where it wasn’t legal. I’m pretty sure like they weren’t…
  • Hold on man that’s just dumb.
  • Yeah that’s what I’m saying. This is my point about like…
  • That’s dumb, that’s the law
  • Pushing the button, to where we take two steps back. It’s like, okay, we’re making progress, like let’s make progress and then yeah. If he was cruising in I guess Cali then yeah, you’re right. It should be fine like having a trunk full of sneakers or whatever, whatever you know, is legal out there. But that’s good, I mean, we could go on for hours about this type of stuff. I like helping everybody doesn’t matter what race you’re in. For me, I don’t see color, I just see people, but I just have a big heart for helping others and all that good stuff, but yeah, I would love to see our people take steps forward man and, make more money for themselves, make more money for their families and have more success than we’re having as a race. But it’s going to take us coming together and it’s also going to take the help of other races helping us out too, but at the forefront if we can come together, I think we could take a lot of necessary steps forward.
  • Amen brother I agree.
  • Yeah man Well, thank you for joining my brother. anybody that wants to follow Klarity @Klarity with the K. One of my favorite Instagram names, I think it’s pretty dope actually.
  • Thank you. My man real name Greg Davids.
  • Entrepreneur, actor got a lot of good things going on. Thank you for joining my brother. I appreciate you always, be good much love.
  • Aight bye.