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The Best Organic, Clean and Non-Toxic Sunscreens

I feel like everything is out to kill us. Sounds morbid I know—but it’s true. The nature of the corporate beast is really to just get the job done regardless of health or other sacrifices we may make unknowingly. This happens to be the case with the majority of sunscreens on the market (Including our beloved Neutrogena). Non-toxic sunscreens provide protection without the chemicals.

Sunscreen 101 – Liah Yoo

Most sunscreens these days are made of chemicals that absorb the sun. Companies forget to mention that our skin also absorbs those chemicals. The chemicals have been shown to negatively impact our endocrine glands, like our necessary thyroid, which regulates most hormones having to do with weight loss and metabolism.

The alternative is a mineral-based sunscreen that creates a physical barrier from the sun. We tend to shy away from these because they tend to make our skin white. The white comes from the Zinc which is the primary, sun-blocking mineral in mineral-based sunscreens.

What is the Best Chemical-Free Sunscreen?

Fortunately, modern technology has helped mineral non-toxic sunscreens not turn you into a pasty human. My two favorite sunscreens are listed below so you can have a ghost-free, streak-free, chemical-free, and burn-free summer.

Beauty By Earth Facial Sunscreen is by far my favorite face sunscreen. The problem with most sunscreens we apply to our face is that they are stupid greasy, and this is awful if you ever start to sweat or want to put makeup on top. Beauty By Earth has created a formula that not only moisturizes your skin, but also protects with minerals, not chemicals. It’s non-greasy, doesn’t turn your face white, and is also water/sweatproof.

I am one of those people who avoid sunscreen altogether if I have to touch it and rub it in, because it’s greasy, and I hate that I have to use soap and water to get it off my hands. As you can imagine, this is an extreme inconvenience when I’m at the beach. But Coola has created an organic, mineral-based spray that goes on sheer, loaded with botanicals that are good for your skin as you bask in the sun—and it doesn’t smell like your typical sunscreen.

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