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Three Top Science and Nutrition Podcasts You Need to Follow

Young woman recording food based video content on camera.

Diet and nutrition are complicated, but it helps to have good science at your side when you have to make decisions about how to live a healthy and happy life. I’m always on the lookout for good nutrition podcasts, and the best ones always have a strong scientific foundation. They follow good research and help you integrate food into a healthy lifestyle.

I like to keep my meals interesting and try new things, so I follow podcasts that explain fads and trends. When they debunk the myths and conspiracy theories, I feel confident exploring the healthy hacks and latest trends. In addition to healthy meals, I take supplements. For example, I use Optimum Nutrition Essential Amino Energy when I need an extra boost.

There is so much to know about nutrition. Fortunately, there’s plenty of free help available online, such as science-based, nutrition podcasts. I love many of them and can’t pick a favorite because they all come at nutrition from different directions. But I chose several that are run by professional, registered dieticians and follow solid science.

What is a Scientific Nutrition Podcast Good For?

Our understanding of nutrition has expanded dramatically over the past 100 years.

This is both a great benefit and a serious problem. There is so much information out there that it’s impossible for any one person to understand it all. 

Here, in no particular order, are my three favorite science-based nutrition podcasts:

Sigma Nutrition Radio

Danny Lennon is the creator of Sigma Nutrition Radio. He has a master’s degree in nutrition from the University College Cork and has competed as a powerlifter. He intimately understands the connection between nutrition, health, and strength. If this sounds like your angle, give Sigma Nutrition Radio a try. He also publishes a regular newsletter you can get with a free subscription.

Fuelling Elite Athletes: Differences in Carb Requirements

Food Heaven Made Easy

Food Heaven Made Easy is run by two best friends who love food so much, they studied it in college. Their podcast takes a more personal tone that focuses on creative expression. Wendy and Jess love to share what they know about making food fun, and they’re always learning new things to share. One of their favorite pastimes is debunking nutrition myths. I find them entertaining, enjoyable, and informative, so it’s very easy for me to listen and learn.

Food Heaven Made Easy

Sound Bites RD

My third suggestion is every bit as valuable as the first two. If you feel guilty about your dietary choices, Sound Bites RD may be right for you. Melissa Dobbins calls herself the guilt-free RD. Her specialty is helping you feel good about your choices.

Sound Bites Podcast

These three podcasts are the highest quality I have found. They are professional and informative and make good use of your time. The main difference between them is simply a question of taste. Your personal preference can help you decide. Me, personally? I like all three. The one I need depends entirely on my mood.  

Nutrition Myths

A nutrition podcast’s dietitian is responsible for making sure you don’t run into errors. These podcasts were started by dieticians, making it easier for you to avoid making mistakes or perpetuating myths and conspiracy theories. 

Woman enjoying sweets.
Nutrition Myths Said You Should Eat A Lot Of Carbs And That Fat Was Worse Than Sugar (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Avoiding the myths means using nutrition that is evidence-based and time-tested. Even when science is on your side, you can find conclusions that contradict each other. Some people say eggs are bad, others say eggs are good. Even the government gets things wrong. When I was growing up, they said you should eat a lot of carbs and that fat was worse than sugar. However, the current epidemics of obesity and diabetes have taught us that we need to be more careful about sugar.

About the only thing most people are sure of is that eating too much is bad.

One myth that has to be regularly debunked is that healthy eating is bland and depressing. These three podcasters explode this myth every day. Your relationship with food should be fun and exciting and full of flavor.

I get a lot of good nutrition tips from these shows. I like to explore as many as I can, because you never know what you like until you try it. The ideas I don’t end up using personally have sometimes been helpful for my friends, so I never feel like I’ve wasted my time.

If you explore good ideas and stay away from myths, you’re sure to have fun.

Nutrition Podcasts in the 21st Century

For most of history, the primary food-related focus was on getting enough to eat. Today, food insecurity has more to do with the quality of your food than quantity, especially in the United States. 

These days we need to be more careful about what we put in our bodies than ever before. Science has brought us an abundance of food and knowledge. It is our responsibility to understand our relationship with food and learn how to make the best choices. 

As science has progressed, we have discovered deep and profound connections between nutrition and mental health. Ancient cultures have taught about the special significance of certain foods; today, science is confirming a lot of those teachings. 

Couple shooting a nutrition podcast or vlog.
Getting Your Stress under control can help you burn more fat and build more muscle (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The 21st century is going to bring new insights about food and how it can help us be mentally and physically healthier. We have learned that hormones come in pairs. Cortisol, for example, is a stress hormone that blocks the effects of testosterone. When you have too much cortisol in your body it can lead to the breakdown of muscle tissue. This has a negative impact on your mental health and can lead to even higher levels of cortisol. 

Conversely, when your stress is under control your body responds better to testosterone. This hormone makes you feel more confident and tells your body to burn fat so it can build muscle. In this way, getting your stress under control can help you burn more fat and build more muscle. Just by improving your mental health, your body can take steps to physically heal itself. This doesn’t mean you should skip your doctor visits, however. While a strong mental state can help, it is only part of the equation. People who are mentally healthy know that doctors are an important part of health and wellbeing. 

Trifecta Meal Plans have helped me simplify my life and stay on top of my diet and nutrition. Designed by professionals to suit your exact requirements, Trifecta can save you time and energy. If your life is too complicated and you need a break, they can free up some precious time for other projects.  

By the way, if you’re looking for a quality mental health podcast, then check our our very own Off the Cuff with Danny LoPriore.

Which one of these podcasts sounds right for you? Load up an episode right now and see what a new nutrition podcast can do for you.