OFF THE CUFF with NFL Player Tavon Wilson on Family & Prioritizing

This week we go Off the Cuff with NFL Free Agent, Tavon Wilson. In this interview, he provides insight into a professional athlete’s perspective on life under COVID-19 conditions. Here’s how it’s affecting him as a free agent.

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Interview Key Points

In this interview, Tavon addresses the following issues:

  • How he has been able to maintain his focus and training during the lockdown environment. 
  • The challenges of training outside a team environment during the current situation.
  • The specifics of his training.
  • How the pandemic forced him to re-evaluate his off-season and getting back to basics training.
  • His balance of bodyweight and free weight training.
  • His prospects going into Year Nine of his NFL career.
  • How the longevity of his career was impacted by his early experiences with the New England Patriots.
  • How the lockdown situation has impacted him personally and what he is doing with his free time.
  • The benefits of spending more time with his family.
  • The adjustments that Tavon and his wife have made during the lockdown to keep their relationship healthy.
  • Tavon’d advice to younger athletes to help them stay focused in the COVID-19 environment.
  • The importance of living in the moment.
  • How the current situation will affect the free agent market.

 About Tavon Wilson

Tavon Wilson is an NFL Pro Football Player who is currently a free agent. He was drafted by the New England Patriots in the second round of the 2012 NFL Draft. However, many of the leading NFL analysts questioned the pick, as Wilson was virtually unknown at the time. 

Tavon Wilson on the football field

Wilson will serve as a back up free safety in the regular NFL football season. In his pro debut, he recorded four tackles, two pass deflections, and made his first career interception off a pass. On October 7, 2012, he earned his first career start, collecting a season high ten combined tackles. 

Wilson finished his rookie season with 41 tackles, six pass deflections, and four interceptions.  He completed his four year rookie contract in 2016, becoming a free agent. When the New England Patriots chose not to re-sign him, he got picked up by the Detroit Lions. They signed him to a two-year deal. Wilson was selected during training camp to be the Lion’s starting strong safety. He competed his first season with Detroit with a career high 89 combined tackles, two pass deflections, two interceptions and a sack in 15 games and 14 starts.

In 2018, the Lions re-signed Wilson to another 2-year contract.

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Watch The Full Interview on YouTube

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