9 Healthy Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

No matter the number of days, months, or years you’ve been together, there’s no secret behind the stress of planning Valentine’s Day date ideas. Everyone wants to plan the kind date that will show their partner how much they are loved and appreciated but that can feel like a lot of pressure. And, if that was the case in times with no pandemic in sight, I can only imagine how that is going to look like in 2021, while some of the countries are still in lockdown because of COVID-19.

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But, don’t worry, if you’re in the midst of planning your surprising and unique date for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got you covered. Believe it or not, there are quite a number of things you could do with your partner and still have fun even in the middle of the worldwide pandemic.

Are you and your loved one foodies or you prefer a wellness day at the spa? Are you a movie theater fan or a bookworm? Would you rather go to the shopping mall or a concert? I’ve got all of it here. Everything and anything your soul could desire—well, the feeling is definitely not going to be the same, but at least, you’ll have fun and that is a promise. Read on for my 9 healthy and fun Valentine’s date ideas. 

  1. Cook your dinner.
  2. Get a couples massage.
  3. Break a sweat together.
  4. Have a movie night.
  5. Go for a hike.
  6. Stargaze
  7. Go ice skating.
  8. Video Game Date
  9. Have A Karaoke Party

1. Cook your dinner

If you’re a foodie and the way to your partner’s heart is through their stomach, ” then dinner is inevitable. Instead of going to a fancy restaurant and having to respect all of the social distancing rules and even put a mask on, consider making your dinner at home. If you don’t feel like it’s fancy enough—well, make it.

Young couple cooking playfully in the kitchen as valentine's day date ideas.
If You Are Adventurous, Prepare Dinner Together (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Light some candles, take out your most fascinating tablecloth and put some romantic music on. Prepare it yourself before your partner arrives or if you’re adventurous, prepare it together. If one of your goals for the new year was to eat cleaner, this is the perfect opportunity to stick to it.

You could even spice it up by taking a virtual cooking class or simply use one of the healthy and nutritious recipes we share in our Facebook group. They’re all easy to make and aside from being deliciously tasty, they are also very nutritious.

Buy yourself a special occasion bottle of wine or any other drink you’ve wanted to try for a while and enjoy your date.

2. Get a couples massage

If you have a whole day for celebrating Valentine’s Day, here are a few date ideas: go for a romantic day and a couples massage. It will not only bring you closer together but you will also be focusing only on the two of you and nobody else. 

You could opt for a wellness salon that offers the use of hot tubs and indoor pools. If that’s out of your budget, you can always give each other a massage—professional or not, you’ll be enjoying yourselves while spending time together. Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to buy some massage oils or massage tools. 

Another great budget-friendly option is to run a candle-lit hot tub, fill it with some essential oils and take a bath together.

3. Break a sweat together

If you’re an active couple, you’ll enjoy breaking a sweat together. If the weather permits, you could go for a run or hit the gym early in the morning. That’s when they’re usually empty so it’s the perfect time to appreciate and bond with your partner.


If that’s not an option, you can always do some kind of exercise in your home. Consider trying a new free online workout class like partner yoga or tai chi to really set the mood for the day. 

4. Have a movie night

If you’re a Netflix fan, recreate a multiplex in your home. Dim the lights, prepare a large bowl of popcorns, and put on a romantic comedy. My suggestion is “La La Land,” but if you enjoy horrors, by all means, you do you. The Valentine’s Day date movie ideas are as endless as your Netflix queue.

5. Go for a hike

If you want to step up your Valentine’s Day date game, going on a hike may be just what you need. You and your significant other could explore a new trail they’ve been wanting to see or you could hit your favorite local one. Whatever the case, you’ll certainly see gorgeous settings and surroundings, but more importantly, you’ll get the chance to be more relaxed and conversational without having to worry about being interrupted.

Happy couple man and woman tourist at top of mountain at sunset outdoors.
You And Your Significant Other Could Explore A New Trail they’ve been wanting to see or you could hit your favorite local one (Image Source: Shutterstock)

If you don’t forget to bring some sandwiches and a hot beverage, you could enjoy the scenery by stopping to have a short picnic.

6. Stargaze

Put your warmest clothes on and wait for the night to come. Go out on a close hill or anywhere where you could clearly see the sky and the stars. 

If you don’t have a telescope, fret not, binoculars are great for beginners. Try finding different constellations or even an International Space Station.

Another great idea is to use the app called Night Sky. It will show you exactly what you’re looking at.

7. Go ice skating

All of the romantic snowy movies end up with ice skating. You know that scene where she stumbles and falls right into his hands.

Smiling young couple ice skating outdoors with snow on background.
Visit Your Local Outdoor Park With Ice And Bag Up Your Ice Skating Skills (Image Source: Shutterstock)

That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Visit your local outdoor park with ice and brag up your ice skating skills. Even if they’re not that good, he’ll catch you, remember?

8. Play video games

This may be one of my more untraditional Valentine’s Day date ideas, but consider going digital. Believe it or not, many relationship coaches and counselors agree that couples who play video games regularly together stay happy together. This is especially true when the couple shares nostalgic childhood memories, which is exactly why you should turn that old-school video system on and play some Super Mario or Pac Man.

To make this competition even more fun and challenging you could bet on a loser to cook the dinner or give a massage to the winner. The only important thing is to have fun.

9. Have a karaoke party

Karaoke is always fun, especially when you think you can’t sing. But stepping out of your comfort zone is something we all should be doing more of. It also gives your partner the opportunity to comfort you or encourage you, which lifts their spirits up. 

Group of friends playing karaoke at home.
There Are A Lot Of Pretty Affordable Karaoke Microphones On Amazon.Com (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Even research shows that Karaoke is a great bonding experience, so why not give it a shot? There are a lot of pretty affordable karaoke microphones on Amazon.com, that you can buy to prepare for the most fun you’ve ever had.

Rock it with old-school hits or stick with the popular song of today. Either way, the fun is guaranteed when you are letting loose with that special someone.