What Is Erectile Dysfunction And How Do You Cope With It?

Erectile dysfunction is one of men’s worst nightmares. It’s no coincidence that the word “impotence” can mean both erectile dysfunction (ED) or helplessness. The feeling of powerlessness can be overwhelming, sometimes to the point of having a real negative impact on your self-esteem and confidence. The resulting negative effects can trickle down to other aspects of your life and even to those of your partner.

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Erectile Dysfunction is One of Men’s Worst Nightmares (Image Source: Shutterstock)

However, although you may feel helpless, there are ways to regain control over this issue and have the satisfying sex life you and your partner deserve. Keep reading to learn about safe and effective treatments, many of which require no medication at all.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection. There are many biological and psychological factors that work together to make an erection possible. The process begins in the brain when we encounter sexually arousing stimuli (thoughts or actual physical stimulation). The brain then communicates with the tissues in our sexual organs. The cells in these tissues respond to the signals coming down from the brain. One signal is a chemical called cGMP. Simply put, cGMP leads to the expansion of blood vessels. Specifically, cGMP leads to the dilation of arteries, which allow blood to flow into the penis. This dilation allows the penis to fill up with blood and become rigid. As blood flows into the penis, it expands and closes down the veins that direct blood flow out of the penis.

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One of the first steps in overcoming erectile dysfunction is tackling the problem head-on. Avoiding the issue will only add to your anxiety. It is understandable to want to avoid dealing with your struggle due to the stigma around it. Society puts a lot of pressure on men to perform. When you can’t, you are often expected to deal with it on your own. This stigma prevents men from seeking professional help or even talking about their ED openly with their partners. Start off by acknowledging that you have a diagnosable and treatable medical condition. Keep in mind, ED is in fact a medical condition, and there are both medical and nonmedical approaches you can take to help fix it. Furthermore, these treatment options can be pursued discreetly and affordably.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Problems can arise at any point along the finely tuned process of erection. Anything that impedes blood flow, nerve signals, the generation of chemical messengers, or sexual arousal can lead to ED. Some of these impediments can be directly tied to lifestyle. For example, not eating healthily or smoking can lead to hypertension, meaning the hardening and narrowing of arteries, which directly affects blood flow.

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Certain medications or drugs like antidepressants and alcohol also can interfere with the generation of chemical messengers. Likewise, stress often leads to depression and anxiety, which can affect the ability to feel sexually aroused. Maladaptive coping mechanisms like alcohol or stress eating are especially counterproductive for people struggling with ED. Many people are able to get back in the saddle using stress reducers and other methods to boost their mental state.

However, it’s important to seek professional help to tease out the cause of erectile dysfunction instead of trying to figure it out on your own. Mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies and adaptogenic herbs can be enough for some people. Nevertheless, consulting with Hims can help you know for sure and give you peace of mind.

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It’s Important to Seek Professional Help to Tease Out the Cause of Erectile Dysfunction Instead of Trying to Figure It Out on Your Own. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Dealing with any medical condition can be difficult, but dealing with ED can be particularly hard due to feelings of shame, guilt, and embarrassment. Your partner might share your negative feelings and put the blame on themselves. In many cases, stress reduction techniques can go a long way toward fixing the problem. Having an open and honest conversation with your partner will also go a long way in strengthening the intimacy you may feel you’ve lost.

When the cause of ED is psychological, talking about it with your partner or a therapist may be the most helpful thing in treating it. If the cause is physical, maintaining an active lifestyle can help. Exploring alternative treatments is also an option. An all-natural treatment like the CBDistillery product can help without the unwanted side effects of THC.

Hims Review

Hims is an online company dedicated to streamlining treatments for men’s health and wellness issues without the hassle of going to a doctor’s office. Imagine treating your hair loss, acne, depression, high blood pressure, ED, and other medical conditions with the ease of ordering something from Amazon.

The website itself is easy to navigate, so browsing through the individual products and services and finding the ones you are looking for is quick and easy.

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Hims ED Solution

The medications offered are FDA approved and require a prescription from a licensed professional, but the site takes care of that for you. First, you will fill out a questionnaire, which a doctor or other licensed healthcare provider will then review. They get back to you in a matter of days, as opposed to waiting weeks for an appointment offline, which really speeds up the process. The healthcare provider will engage in a telemedicine visit with you to address your concerns and find the best product for you. If you require medication, you will receive a prescription, and it will then be shipped to you in discreet packaging.

You may be wondering if the stated convenience comes with a hefty price tag. The pricing is actually one of the most attractive things about this service. The costs vary depending on the length of your subscription and the number of pills you are looking to buy. Prices and services like these are hard to beat, especially when it comes to something as empowering as regaining your sexual prowess.

What steps are you taking to fight ED? I recommend you consult with Hims and get some professional advice. They can help you make the right decisions that will get the best results. In many cases, small changes can lead to big returns.