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Whitney Mercilus: The Art of Adapting—OFF THE CUFF

This week we go Off the Cuff with Houston Texans outside linebacker, Whitney Mercilus. Whitney reveals how the COVID-19 environment has impacted him as a professional football player in the NFL, and in his personal life.

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Whitney Mercilus Interview Key Points

In this interview, Whitney discusses the following issues:

  • How he’s been staying in shape during the COVID environment.
  • How he set up a home gym during the time he couldn’t get to his normal training facility.
  • What the expectations for the coming season are.
  • The difference between workout shape and football shape.
  • Reflections on his first-round draft pick back in 2012.
  • What he has been doing to fill his personal time during lockdown.
  • His newfound interest in wine.
  • The importance of spirituality in his life.
  • Advice to other athletes to help them stay focused and locked in during these times.
  • The importance of working on a new craft.
  • What he and his girlfriend are doing to stay sane in their relationship.
  • The importance of communication.

About Whitney Mercilus

Whitney Mercilus is an NFL Pro Football Player with the Houston Texans. He was drafted by that club in 2012 as a first-round pick, being considered one of the best defensive end draft picks of that year.  

The Texans signed Whitney to a four-year contract. He competed for the position of starting outside linebacker during training camp but was named as backup outside linebacker for the regular season. His NFL debut was the season-opening 30-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins. His first career start occurred on December 2, 2012, The game was lost to the Tennessee Titans but Mercilus made his mark with two solo tackles and a season-high two sacks. 

NFL Player Whitney Mercilus in a Football Stadium
Whitney Mercilus expressing joy

For the 2013 season, Mercilus won the position of starting outside linebacker. He completed the season with 47 combined tackles and seven sacks in 16 starts. He suffered a back injury during the 2014 season but only missed a single game. His stats were still impressive, with 50 combined tackles and 5 sacks from 13 games.

In 2015, Mercilus was signed by the Texans to a four-year contract extension that was worth $26 million. In 2016, he was awarded second-team All-Pro 2016. Mercilus missed the majority of the 2017 season due to injury. He made his return in Week One of the 2018 season. He finished that season with 39 tackles, four sacks, and four forced fumbles, playing in all 16 regular-season games. 

In December 2019, Mercilus was signed to a four contract extension. 

Whitney Mercilus is a Haitian descent and was born in Akron, Ohio. He is 29 years of age and stands at 6’4”.

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Watch The Full Interview On YouTube

  • Thank you for joining me early in the morning, man. It’s a pleasure to have Big Whit.
  • Yes sir.
  • We had a lot of good times in college. A lot of good battles. You know, it’s all coming full circle, man.
  • It is, it is man, hey. We done had some times now.
  • Hey boy, hey look, I’ll tell you what man, shoot, all the times, hey, the times we grinded with Lou? Man, you know, we had to go blow off some steam, now.
  • No, trust me, I already know, brother. Definitely had a lot of good times. You know, it’s always, it’s always a pleasure to get to talk to you man. It’s crazy, we’ve known each other for 12 years now.
  • Yeah, yeah.
  • You know, just 2008, we came in and you know, just, just who knows what we was getting into, right? But–
  • Hey, for real though man. See, the thing is man, like you don’t really know your direction at that time, boy. Hey look, good people stay connected all day long man. All day long. That’s the biggest thing. Hey, God just make it happen that way, man. You know it’s in his plans. That’s it, that’s it.
  • Yeah man, I won’t take up too much of your time, just want to give some people some insight on how Big Whit is doing during these times. What year are you in?
  • Man for league?
  • Yeah, for the league, what year are you in?
  • Oh man, year nine dog.
  • Damn, you about to put a decade in?
  • About to put a decade bro .
  • Wow, that’s big time though. That’s big time.
  • That’s crazy. Mike just finished off with a 12 year career man. Shit. Crazy, crazy, and man it’s blessings dog. I’m like, I’m sitting here, I’m just like, damn. Like I’m really still here? Shit.
  • That’s a blessing bro, well you know, you know I wish you the best and you know, I know you’re gonna go get it this year, so I’m excited. I’ll just hop right into some questions. How have you been staying in shape with these changes with all COVID and stuff going on?
  • Yeah, that’s really interesting man. So when this whole lockdown first started, and Texas was one of the last to go on lockdown, so you couldn’t really go anywhere after that, so pretty much I started working out in the backyard and a field right next to my house or whatnot, just like running, doing like wall, like wall squats, also I was working out with propane tanks, man, shoot. I had to, yeah. Gotta get it any way that I could, man. So it was working for a little bit, but there’s only so much you can do to really push your body further because you need heavier weights. So contacted the trainer to drop off some weights at the crib, so pretty much I had to set, install, or set up my own gym in my garage. So a couple of, a couple of dumbbells, couple of kettlebells, ladder, bands, physioball, all that. And still though, I didn’t have a whole rack of weights and stuff like that, so there’s only so much I could do that could push my body to the next level. So luckily there was a trainer who was, who was just let go from Texans who lives around this neighborhood and whatnot, and he doesn’t live too far away from my house, so pretty much I would go over there and work out with him every single day. He’s got a nice little setup at his garage and stuff like that, A rack, weights, stuff like X Y Z and stuff like that. So it was me, him and a few other guys that play on the Texas as well too.
  • Right. Man that’s awesome, I mean it sounds like you were improvising. Shoot, I mean athlete or not, a lot of people having to improvise. My big ass is doing home workouts and you know, and I’m trying to, I feel like, you know, my chest is gonna be huge after this man. I can’t do any more pushups. I need to throw some weight on there. Again, I can’t imagine what it would be like to get ready for a season right now. You know, ’cause they’re gonna expect you to be, especially if all goes back to normal as we hope, they’re gonna expect you to be full go in July, which is crazy.
  • Man, with that it’s gonna be a little bit difficult because of a, man, I mean, you’ll do everything that you can to stay in the best shape possible. And then once you go back in, I mean football shit, I mean you already know that, that workout shape is different from football shape, 100%.
  • Right.
  • And the things is, for them to like push us already from day one thinking we’re gonna be like, like that off the get go is gonna be impossible. I mean, I don’t care how, like how much of asshole of a coach you might be, but you know, thing is you ain’t gonna have no season if you ain’t got your players, and you get your players injured before the season start. And so pretty much, I mean, we gonna see exactly where we get to and once this thing, you know, ease up or whatnot, but a lot of guys, I mean a lot of the teams they’re gonna have to break their guys like in slowly because this is a very, very unique time.
  • Yeah, yeah, 100% man. Football’s such a physical sport, you know, it’s really gonna be interesting to see that transition. ‘Cause you know, a lot of guys, just think of all the guys who practice squad, right? Like, you know, guys, that may not have the means to necessarily, you know, find certain ways to, to come into camp in full, you know, I mean, I mean, obviously I know you can run and do all that good stuff, but the end of the day, there’s nothing like having a weight room to go to having some sort of community to work out with or whatever that may be. So I can only imagine for those guys, and also like to have a trainer and do all that stuff. Like that stuff costs money. So not a lot of guys can afford to, to, to, you know, have some guy, some guy come to their house or you know, nor do they maybe have the connections to have the benefit of like a strength coach to go to. So it’s definitely gonna be very interesting.
  • Yeah.
  • I know you’ll be all right, you’ve always been, been good to work outs, you know, ever since we, ever since you kind of flipped that switch it’s been, it’s been no looking back.
  • Yeah. You know why they, hey, you know the reason why the switch flipped ? That day? Dog, man hey, that was a wild day in the weight room. I’m gonna tell you dog. Man, boy, hey. Man this thing still here dog. Man I need that thing back.
  • I always, I always forget that you lost your figure in the weight room.
  • Hey .
  • Hey, you heard it, you heard it here first, nine years in the league with one missing finger essentially.
  • Know what I’m saying? Hey, look at that. Magic .
  • That is true. That nub, that nub came out and you went and got like 17 sacks.
  • Crazy. So, you know, it sounds like that might be the magic trick for some people.
  • All right, look it’s something, hey, look, I’m just saying the nub cheat code now.
  • No, that’s pretty awesome man, that was, that was, that was awesome to see when you just kind of fought through that and just had the best season of your life all the way up, all the way up to a first round draft pick, man. That was pretty cool.
  • Man, appreciate that man. Yeah that was, that was crazy, man. You know, didn’t see it coming, and you know, when good things come, you never see a coming. You know?
  • Yeah, that’s a fact. You know, I was injured that year, so it was, it was good to see from the sidelines how you just, and I remember I tried to come back and I just remember going against you. I was like, oh he’s different.
  • Different. Hey, hey, boy come back like super Saiyan two at that point.
  • I was like, I was like oh, like this ain’t the Whit I was used to before I got hurt. I just never forget, I went against you, I was like this is a different Whit. You know what I’m saying? I was like, oh yeah, he’s just moving different. You know like before, before I was like, I can keep up. I don’t know about this Whit.
  • Boy was on it, hey, boy was on his Goku shit right there boy, leveled up.
  • Nice.
  • So, man, shit. I gotta go get it, I gots to go get it.
  • I see that, and you haven’t turned it off since, man. That’s truly a blessing, that’s awesome. So like during this time, have you, have you picked up any new hobbies are you reading any new books? Like what you got going on?
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah man. So one of the biggest things I’ve been doing is, you know, getting closer to my faith. That’s one thing. I mean, I’ve always like, I’ve always been close, but I’m really diving into the word and stuff like that.
  • That’s awesome.
  • Diving into like, you know, my Bible, I got a couple of books that I’m reading and stuff like that, that my pastor sent over. So just to really enhance, you know, my spirituality, my spiritual walk as well, too. And also not only that, man, matter of fact, I’ve got this nice little book that I got from Carmelo Anthony’s manager, she sent over this right here. So this wine simple book. So Anthony, Carmelo Anthony, he’s really into a wine, which I didn’t really expect, but after watching a lot of his like Instagram stories and stuff like that, yo, boy like this breaks down wine a whole bunch, like.
  • Wow.
  • Taste profile, how it’s made, you know, how the variation in colors are made, stuff like that. Describing the soils and perfect good weather climates and stuff like that about grapes. So it’s real, it’s a real fascinating book and it’s real simple. It’s not really like, it’s technical, but an easy read. And obviously I’ll be, I collect wine. So, you know, I got the two wine fridges in the back over here.
  • I see that, I see that. You backed up, man.
  • Yes sir, you know, hey, I had to get on my.
  • Hey you gotta swirl it up, you gotta swirl–
  • You know what I’m saying? Ah, what do you smell there? I smell roses .
  • I need to get that book because I’d be around people and you know, you know, you go to expensive restaurants, they bring the bottle out and they do the whole nine and people are asking me like, how’s that, that taste great, right? And I’m like, man, this tastes like the last one. Like I don’t, I don’t really know, but I can tell people who really, you know, have knowledge about it and how much they appreciate it, that you know there’s, there’s so much to wine, especially like the older versions. And more age, or I guess the more aged they are, the better they are, like things like that. So–
  • Yeah.
  • I do want to get, I do want to get my knowledge up on, on, on it, so, you know–
  • Oh yeah, I’ll text you, I’ll text you the name of the book and the author.
  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, for sure, send it to me for sure, man. But that’s, that’s not only the wine reading and catching up on, catching up on that and getting, getting knowledge on that, but the, the spiritual aspect. I think that’s something we’ve always connected on. You know, I’m spiritual as well. You know, for me, that’s kind of important just for my mental, my mental health.
  • Yeah.
  • Staying connected, keeping that faith strong. So I know that’s something that’s always been important to you, you know, just, just during our time in college. I always saw you just be a part of the chapel and all that good stuff. So it’s, it’s, it’s awesome to see that you’re continuing to do that. Holding, holding strong by that, man. It’s truly a blessing.
  • I appreciate that.
  • 12 years later, you the same Whit, so–
  • Ain’t changed really much man. Just got a little, probably a little bit more sophisticated. You know what I’m saying? In what I’m drinking now.
  • No, no, I remember, yeah. You used to be super clean, man. Like clean, clean as a white tee, fresh out of the, out of the freaking load man, like.
  • Yes sir.
  • Hey, that’s awesome man. You loosened up, balled out, now we’re here. But yeah, that’s awesome. So like what, what advice would you give to, you know, to other athletes during this time to like stay focused, stay locked in, you know, or just any athletes? Not, not necessarily football players, but in general. ‘Cause I think every, every sport is kinda dealing with the unknown, right, of what’s next and what’s to come and then obviously whether it’s high school or, you know, collegiate or, or in, or professionally, you know, what, it’s still a mindset thing, right? Like how do I prepare for, for something I don’t really know when it’s gonna happen? So like how are you, what are you doing and what do you, what advice would you give?
  • You know, one thing I would say is don’t, don’t get caught up looking too far ahead. I say stay in the moment.
  • Right.
  • When you stay in the moment, you get a chance to build brick by brick. You know, in anything that you work at. So when it comes to, you know, this unknown thing, this unknown factor, as far as like when seasons are gonna start or like, you know, high schools are gonna start for a lot of athletes and stuff like that, man, you know, thing is? Look, it’s gonna be what it is, whether it starts on time, whether it is delayed, but the thing is, what we can do is control what we can control. So staying locked in as far as I’m get up this day, every day, I’m gonna create a plan where we’re, we are creatures of habit. So I’m a create like, you know, a calendar. I’m gonna put in, like I’m gonna work out at this time every single day. In between the workouts I’m gonna take this day off or whatnot, also to build some focus, man, work on a new craft. You know, the thing is like you’ve been working at this craft, like, you know, for me, football, for so long.
  • Right.
  • Do something creative, like cooking or something like that that helps, you know, build a different craft or whatnot to think, it actually helps your mind. You know, thinking like some out of box ways for your own craft as well, too, to become creative, to try some new things and whatnot. So you’ll be surprised by the time you come out of this thing, how much better you’re gonna be by doing something new, a new craft, getting into something different versus what you’re used to and creating that habit as well too. And creating a habit builds discipline. I mean, you’ve already had discipline before, playing the sport.
  • Right.
  • But build discipline in other areas of life, like you’re on your own right now. So creating that discipline every single day helps you become even better so that you can actually focus on the moment. A lot of athletes, shit, I mean a lot of athletes know to play, to be within the moment, you know? But how can we be within the moment in life? And so I think this is a great time for a lot of athletes to really understand that, to really understand being in the moment in life right now and not getting too far ahead and not looking back at the past, but being in the here and now, and also building, building a lot to this point as well too.
  • No, yeah, I think that’s an awesome perspective ’cause I know obviously as athletes, we’re so used to having a regimen, whether it’s, you know, going to train in whatever city that you like with your, you know, whether it’s IMG or, you know, EXOS, or whoever your, whoever your trainer is, or train at the facility, whatever it may be. We’re so accustomed, you know, dating back to high school, college, to having like a structured routine, right? Like every day we work out this time, whether it’s mini camp or whether it’s just off season activities, whatever it may be. And now guys are kinda like going back to the high school model, you just get ready for training camp on your own and then show up, show up in the best possible shape, so that’s an awesome perspective. I even know, for me, that’s kind of the mindset I still utilize for business and like just structuring my days, being super organized. ‘Cause I’m super OCD, you know, I’m, I’m a lot more efficient when I kinda create discipline in my day and truly plan it out, create time blocks for when is, when is what, and so, yeah, I think that’s great insight, especially like the aspect of, you know, creating a new, like a new craft or working on something else, like cooking or whatever. ‘Cause I mean, working out, you can only work out so much in a day, you know, you don’t want to go crazy, stir crazy, like just thinking about when your next workout is. That’s great piece of advice, I think most, you know, I don’t know if all athletes are applying that, but they definitely should be picking up a book, putting up, picking up a new craft, trying some new things. ‘Cause you know, if not, definitely go stir crazy and, and you know, life is so much more than, than just the sports you’re playing.
  • Yeah.
  • You know, and there’s so much, there’s so much more you can be doing. I know, I think you told me you were quarantined with your girlfriend, so, you know, that’s good. I’m sure you guys are doing things together and, you know, learning a lot about each other during these times. So, so that’s good.
  • Trying not to get killed.
  • Yeah so like how, how is, how is that going? Like, you know–
  • Yeah.
  • You don’t have to go too far into it, but–
  • Oh no.
  • But what do you guys like, are, to just stay, you know–
  • Sane and all that.
  • ‘Cause you’re just hearing things about obviously the, the quarantine and how is it, how it’s effecting relationships, ’cause obviously you’re spending way more time with your significant other than you’re accustomed to. Like you’re used to going to practice or going to work, get out the house, and so is she, she’s used to–
  • Yeah.
  • Just kinda seeing each other wake up, it’s like, oh man, you know, it’s like, how, how’s that going for you?
  • Oh man, it’s actually not too bad, man. We got things to do. She is, she’s still teaching, you know, e-learning and stuff like that. I’ve got to do meetings, virtually anyways. And also like, we love to cook. So, you know, being in the kitchen is like, you know what we’ve grown up doing. So it’s fun being in there and also taking time apart where we’ll just go off and do our own thing. Like whether it’s reading, watching whatever TV or something like that by ourselves or whatnot, that’s very important so that, you know, you don’t want to strangle each other in the end, you know what I’m saying?
  • Right. Is there any, is there any like advice that you would give to like couples? Like definitely obviously just try to give each other space where possible.
  • Yeah .
  • Is there any other piece of advice that, that you would say is like definitely necessary to just make sure you guys don’t strangle each other?
  • Oh man, the biggest thing, so being in close quarters, man, the biggest thing is, man, it forces you to really communicate. So communication is key, no matter, like, no matter what it is, it’s gotta be like, I don’t give a damn how harsh it might be, or like how sweet it might be, you know, that full range and whatnot. If that’s your partner? Like you, they get it, they’re gonna see all aspects of you. You have no choice. It’s the good and the ugly . So–
  • No in between.
  • Exactly, exactly. So pretty much you gotta, like, you gotta just communicate, man. Just like, just talk, just say, hey look, I don’t like this or, shit, I can’t take this no more! I need to go take off and go somewhere else! Right.
  • So you gotta be able to communicate that no matter what. I think that’s the key to survival for anything and to work as a team. Especially if you really do love that person and you know, really do see a future and all that. So communication’s really, really, really big. And hey look, the shit gonna hurt . But–
  • Yeah, yeah.
  • At least you appreciate the truth though.
  • 100%, I mean honesty, truth, and you know, communication is very important. It’s something that even me and my business partner, pretty much my, the quarantine person for me, you know, who I’m around the most on this, you know, same things. You gotta communicate, give each other space when necessary. It’s very, it’s very important. Just whenever, it doesn’t matter if it’s with your girlfriend, or your best friend or whatever it may be, anytime you spend too much time with somebody, you just gotta know when too much time is enough, and when to separate, how to communicate in order to move forward properly. So I think that’s super important. I think for the relationships that do get effected it’s because there is a lack of communication. There is a lack of lines drawn in terms of, okay, like enough is enough . We’ve spent 70, the last 72 hours together, like let’s just, like figure out a way to like, you know, either, you know, I’m in the bedroom and you’re in the living room or whatever it may be. So, you know, hopefully, hopefully people take some of this information and utilize it, but for however long–
  • Hey man, hey look. The two people are gonna come out there, come out on top of this thing? Bro, barber, hairstylists, and divorce lawyers. Oh man. I don’t know if you’ve seen that meme with LeBron, where he has a serious face and it’s like, you know, I hope my barber has this, you know, this type of energy. ‘Cause I got lucky, I luckily have a barber who’s quarantined and he, you know, he came and finally gave me a haircut. I felt like a, it was, I will never take haircuts for granted again, man, like– For sure, but barbers will definitely be in business. I, we may need to open a barbershop because–
  • I’m just saying. I’m just saying, bro.
  • I mean, barber shops in Houston, like, you know, we may–
  • Woo!
  • When am I, hey, look, man, this quarantine thing over? Man, they are going to be backed up. Ridiculous.
  • More than backed up. More than backed up.
  • Matter of fact, I’m getting my hair cut today, boy, I’m saying, right now, I’ve been on my homeless. No, yeah, I know. I know the feeling man. I, I get jealous ’cause my, my business partner, he just shaves his, he has a ball head, man. He just comes out looking fresh.
  • Oh man that, see that’s easy, man. Hey, I got a few more years for, ’cause of that, but, that’s why I got to hat and hoodie on right now, man. Keep everything covered right now, you know? No it’s, it’s straight. But yeah, just one last question and I’ll let you go, with, during, you know, obviously these crazy times and with everything going on, has, has this made you like appreciate, you know, the game anymore, love your craft anymore whatever it may be, has it, has it, has it kind of opened your eyes in that way, in any way or?
  • Man, yeah, this quarantine, it has really opened my eyes as far as being connected with so many, so many people. Those relationships that I’ve developed, you know, I mean, you know, I love the game, everything, but I think one of the most important things that I’ve, you know, really taken away from this thing is, man, just the time that, you know, my craft has pulled me away from so many important people in my life, you know, as far as, you know, family, just making sure, you know, we’re talking all the time constantly. Sometimes, you know, I, I met, I missed a few calls, you know, a few days in a row and whatnot, but this time I’m getting a chance to spend a whole bunch more time with them, you know, really show them and appreciate them. Especially within this time as well too. Friends as well too, you know, people I haven’t talked to in years, you know, and it’s really opened my eyes to see that, you know, what the most important thing in life is, you know, what, what truly does make happiness, you know? So, you know, it can be, you know, yeah. I mean, happiness, doesn’t come through, you know, accolades, money, X Y Z or whatnot. But it’s the people who you connect with who really do make you happy in life. You know, that’s one of them things, and you understand as far as, you know, being connected with God and everything, you know, those relationships mean a whole lot, and they, they do try to bring true fulfillment in life. You know what I’m saying?
  • Yeah, for sure man. That’s, that’s pretty awesome. ‘Cause same here, like business and, and trying to be entrepreneur and do a hundred different things. Sometimes you neglect the relationships in your life and you don’t pay attention. I mean, I know, I can’t even imagine just obviously being a, being a football player at the level you are, I’m sure tons of people reach out. And especially like, I don’t think a lot of people realize how stressful a NFL season is or just a season in general–
  • Oh yeah .
  • You know like it’s, it’s a lot, man. Like your, people see the game and, and the fun on Sunday, but you gotta get up at 5:30, you gotta be, you gotta be in the, in the stadium or at the facility by seven, you’re watching film, you’re trying to prepare, you know, you’re trying to keep your job. Like this is, you know, people don’t understand that grind, and then they texts like, hey, what’s up? Like at 3:00 p.m., like what’s up is I got, I’m out at practice, I may have had a bad practice I don’t feel like texting, and then, you know, that turns into two days. That doesn’t mean that I don’t care about you.
  • Yup.
  • So I try to tell people that, man, don’t take it hard if people don’t respond. You know, I’ll obviously bust your chops, like, you know, damn, damn Whit big time. You know? You know, too big time for your boy, you know? But I get it, trust me. I totally get it, I mean, even in college it’s crazy. You know, people see TV, you probably get hundreds of texts after games, et cetera. But luckily I’m telling the world I finally got Whit’s personal number, so. Apparently Whit got a second number, obviously, I’m not gonna tell anybody, but I done moved up in the ranks. I got direct access, so I will be reaching out more often just to check in–
  • Yes sir. You my dog, baby, hey, look, man, you gotta get the personal, man. We go back like four flags on a Cadillac, dog.
  • No man, you my guy man. Again, man thank you for coming on here and chatting with me, brother. You’re definitely a brother to me, and like I said, it’s been 12 years, man. We, we, we, we came into Illinois together.
  • Yes sir.
  • We were blessed to come in Illinois, I don’t care if you, just look at the track record. Definitely the best spot’s to come through Illinois.
  • Hey, 100%, 100%. And for anybody else who can like argue that, they can’t. No, we, we had the coldest class ever. Coldest.
  • I don’t know, I don’t know what you want to look at, you can look at draft picks, you can look at statistics in college.
  • Bro! We were solid all the way around, all the way around.
  • Solid. And we all like, 15 of us played as freshmen. Like .
  • Oh thank you, thank you.
  • We, we, we came in like hot, now.
  • Oh, man, hey, look, killers. We was the killers coming in, boy.
  • I don’t, I still don’t know how we got through a lot of those Lou workouts, but…
  • Man. Oh like, every time, every time I think about it, bro, my, like my, my heart sinks off into my ass, I ain’t gonna lie to you bro.
  • Yo, there was there was nothing, nothing like a Lou workout. Like I never went to sleep, I don’t think I ever had a good night’s sleep with a Lou workout in the morning.
  • No, not at all. Bro you gonna wake up before it’s time for the workout. You’re gonna, like your alarm goes off at six, you gonna be up at five.
  • Oh 100%, ’cause the last thing you want to do is miss, like, missing a Lou workout?
  • Bro, you don’t do that.
  • I think I was late once. And I never felt so, so just in the dumps about life, you know, on my way to the stadium. And you know you late? Like the worst is when everybody’s down there, you like kind of walk past the, you kind of drive past, you see your lifting group down there getting it in, and you know you gotta walk into that?
  • Man, that’s like the walk of shame, dog. The walk of shame. You just, you just go to the StairMaster, just do your punishment and jump into the lift, and then you know Lou gonna talk to you, like, look man we got through it man and obviously it’s, it’s, it built you into a, to a heck of a player, so, you know, appreciate Lou for that man. And we’ll–
  • Straight up.
  • We will be in touch my brother, I’ll shoot you a text, thank you again, I hope you have good meetings today if you do have meetings, and thanks my brother, man, you’re, you’re, you’re the man and wish you the best with all your training and all that good stuff, and I know you’re gonna be locked in ’cause I know that contract coming up.
  • Oh yeah, for sure. For sure. Man, hey, we in there, we in there.
  • I need, hey, I need a, I need a red shirt junior season year man. I need that 85 to come back.
  • Woo boy, hey look, I about to come in man. We need at least, at least 15, at least 15.
  • That’s what I like to hear, man. I need, I need that man. The market for the outside linebacker man hasn’t, hasn’t been a big one in the last couple of years, so I think, I think you can go get it.
  • Oh yeah, for sure, man. I got to reset that joint .
  • Hey that’s what I like to hear brother. Well, have a good rest of your day, man, I appreciate you.
  • Oh yeah, you too, bro. Man, I appreciate you dog, always.
  • All right Big Whit, I’ll hit you up bro.
  • All right dog.