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1AND1 Life Nutrition Guide

The 1AND1 LIFE Nutrition Guide is a three-part eBook designed to get you cooking, eating, and thinking like an athlete.  Together, we’ll cut through fad diets, conflicting research, and confusing nutrition labels to give you both the knowledge and skills you need to make the best dietary choices for you.

Hear our authors, Soji James and Silvia Carli, talk about what to expect from the 1AND1 LIFE Nutrition Guide.

SPECIAL BONUS: In addition, you’ll unlock unlimited access to our EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY of health & wellness experts, including Corey Lewis and others from Team 1AND1 Life. Keep reading for more…

After reading the 1AND1 LIFE Nutrition Guide, you will learn how to

  • Eat right for your unique body type 
  • Easily cook clean meals at home, without sacrificing flavor
  • Develop custom meal plans designed to reach your fitness goals
  • Expertly read nutrition labels and avoid common traps around packaged foods
  • Select supplements to safely enhance your results

Most importantly, you’ll finish this guide feeling confident making food choices–whether you’re at a restaurant or your local grocery store. If you want to lose weight, tone up, or simply improve your strength and energy levels, this guide will give you the tools you need to get there.

Here’s what you get when you download the 1AND1 LIFE Nutrition Guide:


Each section of the guide will be delivered to you by email over a one-week period, building up to a seven-day transformation in your thinking and behaviors around food. Our delivery emails will also add some color to the guides, offering complimentary resources and insights to help you on your journey. 


Best of all, we are offering this guide at a special rate for the 1AND1 Fam

Your purchase includes:


  • All three sections of the guide: Nutrition 101, The Healthy Eating Plan and Nutrition Beyond Food, delivered directly to your inbox

  • A detailed, three-day meal plan that you can implement right away

  • A robust list of alternate foods, so you can customize meal plans to any diet–from gluten free to vegan, and beyond

  • A deep dive into the complex world of supplements, with expert-backed tips to help you select the supplements that are right for you

  • Additional resources and support from the 1AND1 Fam delivered to your inbox along with each section of the guide


Are you ready to transform the way you eat and start seeing real results?

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