Eat Your Ice Cream and Have Your Summer Body Too

Summer is upon us and we all want to survive the summer heat by enjoying a little ice cream. There are a lot of high protein ice cream alternatives available these days, but you can still make healthier alternatives at home!  Here’s one of my favorite recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without adding to your waistline. 

A bonus: I’ll also include a low carb, low fat, high protein alternative for those of you with super strict dietary restrictions.

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Full Protein Ice Cream Recipe



  • Put all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until desired consistency.  (I usually blend it until it looks like a soft serve.)  Scoop out into your bowl or a shaker cup and enjoy!
  • LOW CARB OPTION: remove the banana and replace the almond milk with water.

Protein Ice Cream Macros:

Protein ice cream
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Original recipe: 

  • C (Carbs) 21.5 g 
  • P (Protein) 45 g 
  • F (Fat) 0.5 
  • Cal (Calories) 279 (macros are recorded with Cookies & Cream Whey+ and Silk almond milk)

Recipe without banana and almond milk): 

  • C 8 g 
  • P 44 g 
  • F 0g 
  • Cal 208


  • Best eaten immediately after making.  Avoid placing this ice cream in the freezer—it’ll turn to rock—and the texture won’t be the same even if you defrost.
  • You can use unflavored whey, but will have to add some type of sweetener such as stevia drops.
  • You can use a different protein brand, but Legion Athletics Whey+ uses the purest protein (isolate).  It also has the largest variety of flavors for any protein powder that doesn’t use artificial sweeteners—salted caramel, mint chocolate, strawberry banana, birthday cake, and chocolate peanut butter, just to name a few!
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