Finally, A Booty Band That Doesn’t Slip!

By Sam Davis, BHS, CPT, FNS

Glute bands have become a staple in almost every kind of exercise routine, whether you are an avid weightlifter, or the at-home, sweat-it-up diva, the proper band is important to help you activate your glute muscles, add resistance to certain movements, and turn your workout up a notch.

The biggest struggle we all have when it comes to finding the right booty band is the slip factor. Rubber booty bands often slip and slide all over the place when we’re trying to finish that intense booty burner circuit. Luckily, we’ve found THE band that allows you to jump, step, squat, and donkey kick without the constant adjustment every 2 reps.

The FITGIRL Resistance Hip Band

One of the Best Booty Bands on Amazon


Why it’s a must have: 

This band is thick, but soft—and doesn’t pinch or rub your legs the wrong way during your movements. It does not slide, and even after 6 months of consistent use, it has not lost its elasticity or quality. The band comes in 2 different sizes based on your body weight for a perfect, customized addition to your sweat sessions. Not to mention it comes in 3 different super cute colors (because cuteness matters).


It does not stretch like your typical rubber glute band, therefore your range of motion will be very limited. If you need to perform full-range of motion exercises, we recommend you start with the L/XL size and move down to the S/M as you get stronger.

The proper glute band is an important addition to any workout routine, and our experts believe this band, although tight, increases muscle activation, strength, and overall muscle tone with continued use.

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