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C.J. Hammond

Greetings! My name is C.J. Hammond and I am “Fit Legend”! 

I was born and raised in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and attended St. John’s Catholic High school. I played Division 1-A football at Temple University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management. After graduation, I pursued my love of fitness by moving to Miami, Florida and opened by my first sports performance gym: Fit Legend Sports & Fitness. In 2017, I moved to Los Angeles, CA to further my career in Pro-fitness. I developed an interest in boxing and learned the art of its “sweet science”. My craft has allowed me to train some of the world’s top athletes from various sports. 

As an EXOS Performance Specialist, I pride myself in developing and incorporating scientific-integrated programs within my workout routines. Each of my clients receives a personalized training schedule that includes performance enhancement, strength & conditioning, as well as sports rehabilitation.

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