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Calvin J. Martin

Calvin J. Martin

Calvin J. Martin, deeply entrenched in health and wellness for nearly a decade, operates a private training company in Manhattan and co-founded StepBrothersNYC. With certifications in strength, nutrition, and functional conditioning, he’s known for coaching high-performers and recently raised $12,000 for Parkinson’s research through a half marathon. Calvin’s dedication extends across personal training and charitable endeavors.

  • Health and Wellness industry for nearly a decade
  • I’ve been running my own private training company in the greater Manhattan area for over 3 years. Coaching high-performing professionals in various industries.
  • Co-founder of StepBrothersNYC (health and wellness duo that provides in-person coaching, group training classes and has a fully customizable online training/nutrition program that functions like a mobile app)
  • Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning Certification
  • Precision Nutrition Certification (registered nutritionist) FRC (functional range condition) Certification
  • Recently hosted a fundraiser for the Michael J Fox organization for Parkinson’s Research by running a half marathon and raising over $12,000.00

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