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Courtney Epps

Courtney Epps, a seasoned accountant and international speaker with 18 years in the field, specializes in tax and financial accounting for a variety of industries. Her mission is to elevate financial wellness for businesses and families through expert tax planning and accounting services, leveraging her extensive experience to serve clients from startups to multi-million dollar companies.

Courtney Epps, Fractional CFO and Accountant

Courtney Epps is an international speaker, author, and accountant. She has owned her own practice for 18 years. Her experience is in public and cost accounting, providing clients with tax preparation, tax planning, income tax accounting, and financial accounting services. With years of experience, she has developed advanced technical skills in a variety of tax and accounting areas and served clients from startup businesses to multi-million dollar companies.
Courtney Epps | OTB Tax

Courtney has an extensive background in business taxation, working with companies that span across a wide range of industries and sizes. She has developed broad expertise in trucking, doctor’s offices, real estate, and consumer business, as well as home-based and network marketing businesses.

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Financial Wellness With Courtney Epps

Her continuing mission is to serve her clients by providing the highest possible level of expertise and professionalism. Watch our interviews with Courtney to see how she can help you to improve your and your family’s financial wellness.