Dennis Consorte


Title: Editor-in-Chief

Education: B.A. in Psychology from Binghamton University, with a prior concentration in Computer Science at Purdue University.

I’m the Editor in Chief of 1AND1 Life. I co-founded my first e-commerce business in 2003. After a profitable acquisition, I began my career in digital marketing, where I help other companies to achieve their objectives. Eventually, I scaled and self-funded my digital marketing consultancy to support a full-time staff, plus numerous contractors on my payroll, in order to support dozens of clients. Some of these clients were direct, while I provided private-label services to several other digital marketing agencies in New York City.

On a personal note, I have a history with fitness training. At Purdue, I was President of the Powerlifting Club, and I held 2nd place in the ADFPA of New York for the teen deadlift in my weight class. I had also participated in several bodybuilding competitions and was a Bodybuilder of the Week on Bodybuilding.com. But over the years, I diverged from focusing on my physical and mental health, and I also had to take a step back professionally to reevaluate my business model.

I began a journey of self-care both personally and professionally. Now, in my collaboration with 1AND1 Life, I’ve found a perfect fit. The company’s emphasis on physical and mental wellness complements my renewed focus on these aspects, and managing the content strategy for 1AND1 Life is the motivation I need to progress toward a healthier and more fulfilling life.

In my spare time, I speak about digital marketing and provide guidance to college students at various universities around New York State. I’m the PR Manager for District 119 of Toastmasters International, where I provide leadership to the PR Managers of over 90 clubs in my district. I am also a practicing stoic. Similar to CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), my meditations help me to separate those things in and out of my control, while acknowledging the gratitude I feel about life’s better moments.

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