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Erica Welty

Coach Erica started at age two as both a competitive gymnast and dancer. She focused solely on dance from age eight and moved from Orlando to NYC in 2015 to attend The Ailey School for dance, graduating from their certificate program in 2018. Cross-training has been a crucial part of her life to prevent injury and optimize performance since a young age. Even though her primary focus is strength, she is also trained in mobility and conditioning modalities. She began assistant teaching and demonstrating movement while being a child herself.  It was then she fell in love with helping others through movement.

Erica is also a founding coach for a new training platform app, BLOCK, co-founded by Steve Nash (@trainwithblock). The app and website are currently being restructured and new updates will be made soon. Stay tuned for more on the app and learn how you can take classes that Erica coaches.