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Head Of SEO

Jamal Bara

Jamal Bara is 1AND1’s Head Of SEO. With a commitment to achieving excellence and a passion for personal fulfillment, Jamal perfectly embodies our company’s spirit of making everyone 1% Better, Together.

Previously the VP of SEO at Recurrent, Jamal was the mastermind behind the development and refinement of Recurrent’s expansive SEO strategy. (Over 25 digital media brands generating over 65M monthly uniques) Instrumental in driving organic traffic and enhancing brand visibility, his efforts ensured that best practices in the field were not just met but evolved with time. Jamal was pivotal during Recurrent’s meteoric growth, where he built the SEO division of the company from the ground up.Jamal’s journey in the digital world began in Canada, with a keen focus on e-commerce, affiliate marketing, and SEO. In 2007, he launched multiple online ventures in the furniture and clothing sectors. Through grit, innovation, and leadership, he led a global team that raked in $600K+ in annual revenue.

Following his successes in Canada, he moved on to SEO and Lead Generation for elite SaaS startups such as Piqora and Waterfall. By 2017, Jamal’s penchant for media saw him creating ‘Fitness Goat,’ a trailblazing digital media brand in the health sector.

Now, leading the helm for 1AND1, Jamal’s expertise and drive will push the brand’s content and SEO efforts to new heights. In his free time, Jamal loves playing basketball, just like 1AND1’s Co-founders TDrew & Corey.