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Jessie Lucas

Jessie Lucas, founder of Embodied Movement® Certification, combines yoga and personal training to offer holistic training for therapists and coaches. With a master’s in Health Arts and Science and experience since 2003, she focuses on healing through conscious body practices. Jessie now mentors professionals, teaches courses, and cultivates an online community, all while enjoying suburban life with her family.

Jessie Lucas is a certified yoga teacher & personal trainer. She is the founder of Embodied Movement® Certification. And now trains therapists and coaches in a holistic methodology that includes kinesthetic intelligence, somatic skill sets, and referral systems. She holds a master’s degree in Health Arts and Science and has been working in health and fitness since 2003. For years she has trained women in creating conscious body practices to heal emotional scars, improve their mental health, and overcome their biggest personal or professional roadblocks. Nowadays you’ll find her teaching courses, hosting an online community of expert practitioners, and living the suburb life with her girlfriend and children – all while mentoring forward thinking therapists and coaches and teaching them everything she knows about embodiment, authentic alignment in building a private practice, and operating from ease.