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Joe Vega

Joe Vega

Education: M.S. in Physical Therapy from Columbia University, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from NSCA, Neurokinetic Therapy Level 2

My career in the health & fitness industries spans 16+ years. I began my career as a licensed physical therapist in a hospital setting that incorporated rotations in orthopedic & acute care, providing me with a well-balanced knowledge base inpatient rehabilitation. The experience of working with patient’s bedside and transitioning them to the outpatient orthopedic setting helped lay down the foundation for my business model. I noticed the huge gap separating physical therapy care and the fitness setting. Patients who were discharged from physical therapy were fearful of re-injuring themselves so they never began the fitness programs they desperately needed. I created a business model that focused on this population and focused my energy on being the go-to professional in this niche. Clients were very comfortable having a licensed physical therapist lead them through their higher-level strength & conditioning routines.

My business grew rapidly to the point where I expanded to include additional trainers and even integrating massage therapy. As my business progressed I began to notice a new issue that was impeding the progress of my clients who suffered from chronic injuries. There was a huge emotional component to their injuries that was not being addressed and negatively impacting their results. Similar to my early years, I began to integrate mindfulness practices like guided meditation and meditative movements like yoga into our programming. I noticed clients were appreciative of having a safe space to speak about their trauma regarding their injuries. This led to accomplishing many of the goals they were having trouble with.

Now I am proud to offer services that can engage the mind, body, and spirit for a truly holistic approach to fitness. Providing a sanctuary for clients and professionals that values authenticity, empathy, compassion, and love is my greatest passion. Educating our community on the connections of our physical, mental, and emotional selves is what sets us apart from everyone else.

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