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Kris Crews
Editorial Content Strategist

Kris Crews

Kris Crews is 1AND1’s Editorial Content Strategist. With a deep-rooted passion for writing ignited during her undergraduate journey, Kris honed her craft and eventually earned a B.A. in Journalism and Media Communications in 2017. Her dedication to the written word didn’t just stop at academics. She made waves in the media realm, with her powerful pieces being featured in renowned publications such as MTV, Huffington Post, Black Excellence, Hustle TV, and Elite Daily.

As 1AND1’s Editorial Content Strategist, Kris isn’t merely a writer; she’s a storyteller, shaping narratives around fitness, mental health, and wellness. An ardent advocate for holistic well-being, she seamlessly blends her professional prowess with her personal passions.

Beyond her editorial desk, Kris is a keen traveler, always on the lookout for new experiences and unique human connections. She cherishes moments spent with family and friends and remains committed to staying active and fostering connections in every walk of life.

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