SBNYC is the most authentic and relatable fitness duo NYC has to offer. The StepBrothers pride themselves in providing high-quality fitness coaching. They offer training programs with measurable and attainable goals, while diversifying themselves with entertainment and comic relief that we all need! The StepBrothers, originally from the Mohawk Valley in Upstate NY, migrated to NYC nearly 7 years ago. Bryan and Calvin started their careers at a small mom and pop gym in their hometown before their big move to NYC. They became top trainers at Equinox on 33rd Street, and on Wall Street. Now the duo has their own virtual fitness platform, THE EXTENDED FAMILY PROGRAM.

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Calvin’s hamstring aren’t tight. Yours probably aren’t either🤷‍♂️ The tight hamstrings ordeal is the most misleading dilemma for #runners , #athletes + pretty much any other human. Simply put, the reason that you FEEL they are tight can just be a simple misconception of not understanding HOW they should move + feel Cranking them in an ugly stretch is seemingly rewarding only because it makes you feel sensation, it’s like getting a participation trophy, It really doesn’t get you far in the long run🏆 Do this instead… 3 rounds Camel Breaths🐪- 10 Leg Lowering🦵- 10 each leg Enjoy 😊

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  • MBSC Functional Strength Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • FRC Functional Range Conditioning Coach
  • NFPT National Federation Personal Training
  • ACSM Personal Trainer
  • IKFF Kettlebell Teacher


United States StrongMan

Other Noteworthy Achievements

CoFounder of Non for Profit Organization for Inner City W1shful1:Th1nk1ng Foundation

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The virtual accountability program they created has given people the encouragement and motivation to still pursue their healthy lifestyle regardless of the circumstances we all have been recently accustomed to.

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