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Chief Of Staff/Head Of BD

Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis, now Chief of Staff/Head of Business Development at 1AND1, boasts a decade-plus in leadership and client relations, with stints at JP Morgan and the NHL. A former marketing company founder with a background in health and wellness from Equinox, he’s a sociology and psychology graduate passionate about team dynamics, wellness, and personal growth.

Steven Lewis joins the 1AND1 team as the Chief of Staff/Head of Business Development. Steven brings over a decade of leadership, sales, and client relations experience to 1AND1. He has successfully managed partnerships with companies such as JP Morgan, Bank of America, and the NHL.

Before joining the 1AND1 team, Steven founded and helped launch a successful Marketing Company as well as held multiple titles at Equinox including General Manager, Senior Membership Advisor, and Corporate Partnerships Coordinator. During his time at Equinox, he gained a strong foundation in the health and wellness industry. That experience also honed his team-building skills, often managing teams of two hundred-plus employees across multiple teams. He learned to approach each person—whether client or employee—as unique, adapting to their individual needs to help them perform at their best, guided by the philosophy, “You never know what someone is going through on any given day, you need to be adaptive. Listen, and adjust.”

Athletic participation—striving to be the best athlete a person can be—was ingrained in him at a young age by a father who played professional basketball. His younger brother Corey played football for the University of Illinois and professionally. Steven recognizes that athletes come in many shapes and sizes and that pursuing wellness, both physical and emotional, through exercise should be a “place of release, to escape what is going on in your life.” A place to re-center. As a member of the 1AND1 team, he will bring his team philosophy learned from years of playing competitive sports. “Everybody on a team has a role, whether it’s cheering the team on, or on the field. Everybody has a part leading to the win.”

Steve spent a year at Dennison University in Ohio before transferring to New Paltz University where he earned a dual degree in Sociology and Psychology. When he isn’t laser-focused on facilitating success, Steven can be found on the basketball court, wrestling with his son, or walking the friendliest dog in Brooklyn, his compact pit bull Jade. Steven is a sneakerhead, enjoys whipping up elaborate dinners, coaching his son as he begins his athletic adventures, and tackling new sports himself, golf being his latest challenge.