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Thomas Drew (TDrew)

Title: Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Education: M.S in Strategic Communication/Brand Strategy from Columbia University In The City Of New York; B.S. in Business Administration (Sports Marketing Concentration) from Davenport University (MI)

As Co-founder and Co-CEO of 1AND1, I’m on a mission to positively transform mental health and holistic wellness, especially for underserved communities.

My passion for empowering people to become their best self comes from personal experience. Growing up, I struggled with bullying and body image issues which impacted my mental health. Basketball was my saving grace, and in college I realized fitness was my stress reliever.

In 2019, noticing a lack of mental health resources for people like us, my co-founder Corey and I launched 1AND1. Our vision has evolved from a media company creating podcasts and content, to now also providing personalized technology solutions like our 1AND1 app.

Why 1AND1? Because we believe small, sustainable steps towards self-improvement add up. By getting 1% better every day, together we can achieve 100% of our potential.

My promise is that 1AND1 will continue overdelivering value through content, community, and products that transform lives. Wellness is a lifelong journey of mind, body and spirit, and I’m humbled by every single reader, user and community member that has chosen to join us on this journey.