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RENPHO AI Smart Bike


Brand: RENPHO Optimize Your Training with the Smartest AI Bike with App Our smart bike’s AI technology algorithmically designs a workout to help you achieve your fitness goals based on…

Product Information


Optimize Your Training with the Smartest AI Bike with App

Our smart bike’s AI technology algorithmically designs a workout to help you achieve your fitness goals based on your biometrics. Set goals and track progresses. Workout anytime at home with free access to different classes. Automatically adjusts resistance level for a smooth and effective riding experience.

Personalized Workout for All

This Bluetooth enabled exercise bike tailors to your biometrics and power to algorithmically create personalized training programs. It automatically alters resistance based on your experience level, power output, goals, and cadence to get the best results, mthe bike is suitable for ages 15 to 70 years old in any fitness level.

Next Level Precision

Unlike average electromagnetic resistance technologies, RENPHO’s smart bike uses Smart Motor Damping Resistance – a reverse-engineered electric vehicle technology. The result is a truly precise resistance generated via real-time power calculation with ≥90% accuracy, allowing our bike to adjust your degree of difficulty both automatically and smoothly.

Safety Ensured

Our smart bike is equipped with enclosed wheels and a smooth freewheel pedal design that stops rotating when you stop cycling so you can coast along without worrying about your pedals catching on clothes, feet, pets, or children.

Ergonomic Comfort

The larger, cushioned seat keeps comfort in mind, allowing for longer, more comfortable training sessions. Ergonomically positioned handlebars allow you to ride the smart stationary bike as a spinning bike or an exercise bike so your workouts will suit your specific style of training.

Free App With 70+ Classes

Our AI gym app contains 70+ courses and 5 different training modes. Coach Video Classes, Power Training Programs, HD Scenic Rides, and so much more. No membership required.

According to the Manufacturer

Smart Technology: RENPHO AI Gym App – iOS and Android

Third-party app connectivity: FTMS Bluetooth

Third-party app control: Kinomap、Zwift、FulGaz、Rouvy、XERT、The Sufferfest via BLE

Wireless firmware updates: Yes


Resistance type: Smart Motor Damping

Resistance functionality: Automatic and manual resistance

Power Accuracy: ≥90%

Power range: 0-1000W(Peak)

Gears: 80

Metrics: Real-time RPM, Power, Cadence, Resistance, Calories


Frame: Carbon structural steel

Size: 49inch(Height) x 20inch(Width) x 40inch(Length)、

Seat: Universal Seat Cushion Standard Dual-Rail Mounting and airflow system 8inch(Width) x 10.5inch(Length)

Pedals: Adjustable Pedal Straps

Tablet Holder: Up to 8.46 inch

Adjustability: Handlebar: range 32.5 inch – 41.3 inch Saddle fore/aft : range 0 – 3inch Saddle height: range 32.5 – 41.3 inch

Crank Length: 6.7inch

Q factor: 6.3 inch

Calibration: Factory Set

Power required: Mains adaptor

Operating Temperature: 41-122°F

User Requirements: Height range: 4′11″ – 6′5″ Weight maximum: 265 lbs Age range: 15 – 70 years old

Items Included

In the Box:

RENPHO AI Smart Bike x 1

User Manual x 1

Toolkit (Screws and Installation tools) x 1

*Tablet not included

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