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The Go-To Yoga Mat For Tall People

B Yoga Mat

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Rating: 4 out of 5

Who’s it good for:
Taller people or bigger athletes looking for a comfortable, spacious yoga mat

Notable Attributes/qualities:
Made of rubber, so sweat will not pool and make the surface slippery.

Longer mat, so it’s designed perfectly for taller and bigger athletes. While the mat is durable, it’s also comfortable.


Pricey—but if you take care of it as instructed, you’ll get what you pay for.

Bottom Line

If you are a taller individual looking for a mat to meet your mobility/yoga needs, I highly recommend investing in the B Yoga Strong Mat. It will be totally worth it. I’d give it full stars, but the price gives me some pause. Ultimately, I’ll give it 4/5 stars.

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While women make up an estimated 80% of those who practice yoga, yoga’s popularity is rapidly increasing amongst men who are realizing that its benefits aren’t gender-specific. As recovery becomes more of a mainstream conversation, and as people learn that you just can’t crush yourself everyday in order to achieve long term fitness results, men are packing into yoga studios around the country to enjoy an improved range of motion, better breathe/body control, better sleep, and reduced stress levels. These gains then translate into better days on the gym training floor.

Yoga Mats: B Mat Review + TEST – Christina Maria Yoga

One thing that hasn’t completely caught up with this upward tick of testosterone-packing yogis: the mats. As a 6’3, 235lb male with long, lanky arms- I always found regular yoga mats a little restrictive and uninviting. I felt uncomfortable as I struggled to pack my downward dog or regular mobility work into the limited space available.

Luckily, I came across the B Strong Yoga Mat and was instantly sold. It’s THE yoga mat for tall dudes (and tall women!). The strong mat is 6mm thick (more cushion and comfort for those who may be bigger or who enjoy a more aggressive yoga practice) and 71” long. If you require a mat even longer, there is a size above that at 85” long. The mats are extra grippy, durable and look good, too. I mainly use it at home for mobility work, but it’s pretty light—so it travels well. Taller yogis and athletes, this is the mat for you!

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