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ENLIGHTENED Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Review

Enlightened Ice Cream

ENLIGHTENED Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (Pint)

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This low-calorie ice cream by Enlightened offers plenty of creamy innovative flavors to choose from, including French Toast, Cold Brew Coffee, and Glazed Donut, to name a few. Each half-cup serving packs a mere 60–100 calories, helping you achieve and maintain your weight goals. It’s sweetened with 0-calorie erythritol and infused with non-GMO corn fiber, making it healthier than many desserts on the market.


It is a milk-based product, so it’s not suitable for vegans and those with lactose intolerance.

Bottom Line

The use of skimmed milk and milk protein isolate in this dessert gives it a deliciously creamy texture without packing a lot of calories. Enlightened has developed a successful dessert formula that is low fat, high fiber, high protein, low carb, and kosher, yet still very tasty.

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Low-Calorie Ice Cream: What’s In There?

Everyone loves ice cream. This cold dessert is available in many delicious flavors, with some brands offering innovative recipes that fit your unique health requirements. Such specialty ice creams include low-calorie ice cream, low-sugar options, non-dairy variants, and high-protein formulas Some brands are even selling keto ice creams, like the one described in this Enlightened Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Review.

Low-calorie ice cream is prepared with artificial sweeteners that keep the amount of added sugar in the ice cream on the low side. It uses skimmed milk instead of whole milk, a modification that further reduces the calorie count of this dessert. When it comes to traditional ice creams, approximately 80% of calories are from the amount of sugar used in its preparation.

Moreover, the sweeteners used in low-calorie ice cream barely consist of any calories on their own. For example, stevia, a common substitute for sugar in desserts, does not have even a single calorie, while erythritol consists of about five calories per 20 grams. In comparison, organic cane sugar contains 80 calories per 20 grams. The remaining calories in healthy ice creams come from added flavors, cream, and skimmed milk.

Enlightened Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Review

Sticking to a low-calorie diet can be tough due to the strict calorie-counted diet regimen that’s necessary to achieve your goals. However, healthy ice cream brands like Enlightened make it easier to put your cravings at ease without ruining your diet. This mint and chocolate ice cream is a delicious dessert that does not pack hundreds of calories in a single serving, allowing you to enjoy it more frequently.

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Enlightened Makes It Easier To Put Your Cravings At Ease Without Ruining Your Diet (Image Source: Shutterstock)

In fact, you only get around 60–100 calories per serving of this ice cream, which is a bargain when compared to most available dessert options in the market. The secret behind this low-calorie count is the use of healthy ingredients like milk protein isolate, skimmed milk, and corn fiber. Combining these ingredients in a single ice cream product gives it a smooth, creamy texture without the extra calorie burden. Moreover, this low-sugar ice cream contains only 6 grams of sugar per serving, which is well below the daily recommended allowance in almost all healthy diet plans.

Consuming High-Protein Ice Cream In Moderation

Protein-packed ice creams are being regularly consumed in the ice cream fitness world. The proponents of high-protein ice creams consider them to be a delicious source of protein to supplement their daily intake. Also, since these ice creams are built with health and fitness in mind— with a low-calorie, low-fat, low-sugar, and low-carb recipe—they seem perfect for fitness enthusiasts. However, experts recommend analyzing the nutritional composition of any frozen dessert, as even self-proclaimed healthy ice creams need to fit into your diet plan.

Enlightened Low Calorie Ice Cream – Angie Eats It All

As with anything you add to your plate, moderation is a key to maintaining wellness. This is still ice cream, and it still contains some amount of sugar, fat, and carbs. Consuming too much of such healthy ice creams can cause adverse health impacts, including a sudden increase in weight and a spike in blood glucose levels. If you are hoping to increase your daily protein intake, you should be increasing your consumption of natural foods like protein-rich plants, beans, and meat.

Ice cream is certainly not meant to become a main source of protein for you, no matter how healthy it is compared to traditional frozen desserts. But if the high fat and sugar content of normal ice cream meant that your favorite treat was completely off your diet plan, good news! This Enlightened Mint Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream may be a great way to get back to a food you love without compromising your diet plan.