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The Explorist HR by FOSSIL May Be The Most Fashion-Forward Fitness Wearable

The Explorist HR by Fossil

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Rating: 4 out of 5

This watch is the ultimate fitness wearable for men and women who want their smart watch to look like a high end wrist watch. It’s a big smart watch that has a luxurious feel without the luxurious price tag.

Notable Attributes/Details:
This watch has all the cool stuff things you would expect from a high quality fitness wearable, such as heart rate tracking, a built in fitness/advanced workout tracker, easy connection to Google fit, a built in GPS tracker, and all the standard abilities when connecting to your phone such as text, email, app alerts, calendar alerts, etc.

The Watch’s built in GPS allows for more accurate run tracking with Google fit/third party fitness apps. The step counter is insanely accurate. It’s gorgeous; this watch easily transfers from the gym to the office or wherever else your life takes you. Bands are highly interchangeable, so the customization options are endless.


The battery life on this watch isn’t the best, and when it comes to performance the software lags behind the speed of some of the top smartwatches on the market. At $275, it comes in just as pricey as many of its competitors and has a lot of good qualities, but it has a ways to go before claiming any crowns.

Bottom Line

The Fossil Q Explorist HR is a solid smartwatch/fitness wearable. If you are an Android user or aren’t super impressed by the latest in tech and just want a watch that will help you get more fit and look pretty good doing it, then this is a watch that you should really consider looking into.

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The Explorist HR by FOSSIL

I have a confession to make: I’m addicted to Apple.

Needless to say, this tech giant not only revolutionized the way we listened to music (“1,000 songs in your pocket”), but also truly changed how we work, play, and navigate the world. I’ve had countless iPhones, iPads, a MacBook, and until a recent & unfortunate drop on a hard tile floor, an iWatch.

How To: Set Up Your FOSSIL Gen 4 Smartwatch – Fossil

Before the incident, my iWatch and I were inseparable. I’ve never really been into Fitbits, so as a fitness wearable, my iWatch truly helped to keep me accountable and to take my fitness to the next level. Recently as a gift, my wife bought me a 4th generation FOSSIL Q Explorist HR (powered by Google’s Wear OS). As an Apple lover, I was disappointed, but if you’ve ever been in any relationship ever when you get a gift from a significant other, you smile and make the best of it. In the case of the Explorist HR, however, I was happily surprised. Will it replace the giant hole left in my heart by my broken iWatch? Probably not, but if you are an Android user or are someone who is looking for a fitness wearable that’s a little more stylish, then you just may want to check this watch out.

I’d highly recommend that you give this wearable a try. But, if you’re still not convinced, then check out other wearables, like the Whoop Strap.