Secure Your Gym Locker with Your Fingerprint: The iWings Biometric Lock

By Sam Davis, BHS, CPT, FNS

Fingerprint Padlock

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The sweat junkies that like to get ready for work after their work out session and need to store their belongings, or anyone who needs to store a bag and doesn’t want to carry around a key, or anyone who’s horrible at remembering a combination. the iWing fingerprint padlock does not use batteries; you simply plug it in to charge. The stainless steel lock is sturdy and strong, and also waterproof. The lock can also store up to 10 fingerprints, so the whole family can use it if necessary. Safe, strong, effective, personalized identification that ensures only you can use it. No key or combination hassle. Long battery life.


Battery could potentially die at an inopportune time, if you don’t plug it in when it starts warning you by beeping every 2 minutes.

Bottom Line

Carrying keys isn’t necessarily the biggest problem in the world, but if you want a simple alternative, and you’re tech savvy, or even just want a locker room talking point, the iWing Biometric Lock will be the perfect investment.


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The iWings Biometric Lock

So, this technology always freaks me out a little bit, but ultimately I think it’s incredible that we now have fingerprint technology that we can literally take with us to lock up our gym gear. I’m not good with numbers, so remembering a combination is just not really my thing, and I also hate carrying around my keys because I usually end up losing my keys.

Often times I work out after work, so I don’t want to leave my laptop in my car—which then leads to complications in the gym. But then I found the iWing fingerprint padlock. It’s a simple way to ensure the safety of your belongings without the hassle of a key or having to remember a combination.

It is super easy to use, can remember 10 fingerprints, and notifies you long before the battery dies so you don’t have to worry about it going out on you while you are lifting. It lasts for 40 days on one charge, and if you have multiple USB ports in your car, you can just leave it plugged in when you’re not using it. The convenience factor here is unbeatable.

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