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Kaleidoscope Boost Review: Full Spectrum CBD Oil

A box of Kaleidoscope Boost Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Kaleidoscope Boost

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Kaleidoscope Boost

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Rating: 4 out of 5

The pill form made it an easy addition to my daily routine. I felt much more focused and calm, without experiencing any residual side effects. I also noticed that I woke up ache-free, and it was a lot easier to get my body going in the morning.


At $105 dollars for a single bottle, it can be an expensive purchase. Subscribing on a monthly basis could help you save some money.

Bottom Line

I think it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase for mental clarity, enhanced productivity, and reduction in inflammation. As a fitness entrepreneur, optimal functioning of my mind and body is key to my ability to thrive. This innovative company is transforming the way that we look at CBD and making its positive effects more readily available.

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Whether or not you are familiar with cannabis, you’ve probably heard the term “CBD” being thrown around a lot recently in the health and wellness space. The cannabis plant contains over 100 unique chemical compounds known as cannabinoids that activate receptors within the brain and can modulate many physiological systems throughout the body. The two best-known of these cannabinoids are THC and CBD (i.e., Cannabidiol). While THC can leave you feeling “high” with its mind-altering effects, CBD is non-psychoactive. That means that you can experience many of the scientifically-backed benefits without going full-on “Dude, Where’s My Car?” If you haven’t noticed it already, you are about to start hearing a lot more about it because we are on the edge of a Cannabidiol explosion. 

CBD For Wellness

There are myths about CBD, and there are things that science is still trying to figure out. While the research is still ongoing, there is a lot that we know when it comes to the positive effects of CBD. 

Cannabidiol has been shown to consistently reduce anxiety and relieve stress. One 2015 analysis found that, across several studies, CBD oil was a promising treatment for numerous anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and social anxiety disorder. With anxiety issues affecting people of all ages and backgrounds, CBD seems to offer a natural alternative to the traditional drugs on the market. Cannabinoid receptors can be located in sections of the brain that manage stress, fear, and feelings. Regular consumption of CBD has been documented to enhance resilience to stress and reduce existing states of anxiety. Also, it has been shown to enhance both the quality and quantity of sleep.

One 2013 study saw a control group administered CBD obtain a higher total percentage of sleep and more of the deep, restorative REM sleep. If you are a woman who enjoys living her best life but gets rudely interrupted with intense bouts of PMS during that time of the month, then CBD has an answer for you, as well. This multipurpose substance can also work as a hormone regulator due to the essential fatty acids that it possesses, helping you bring balance back to your hormonal situation and control back to your life.

CBD Benefits For Athletes

Athletes like MMA fighter Nick Diaz and recently retired Rob Gronkowski are advocating heavily for the use of CBD to help athletes recover from the aftermath of physically demanding careers. Maybe you aren’t competing on the level of a former Super Bowl champion, but if you are lifting heavy and pushing your body through intense high-intensity interval workouts, you may want to consider hopping on the Cannabidiol train. I’m sure you have pushed your body to your limits at one point and woke up feeling sore or in pain. CBD has been shown to reduce inflammation, the root cause of pain, systematically. As opposed to reaching for NSAIDs like aspirin that reduce pain, a natural alternative may be the better option. 

CBD Benefits for Athletes – First Rate Reviews

The idea of a natural pain management tool is what initially drew me to begin researching CBD-based products. Now that I’m a little older, I notice that I’m not recovering as fast as I did before. I was looking for the fountain of youth, and I was lucky to stumble across Kaleidoscope Labs, a company that is revolutionizing how the world looks at Cannabidiols. They are transforming it from something that is looked at as a recreational substance into a daily part of a healthy, optimal wellness routine.

Kaleidoscope Labs “Boost” Review

As opposed to looking at CBD through a hippie, Woodstock lens, Kaleidoscope Labs sees Cannabidiol as a gateway to a more productive and higher functioning version of yourself. With the understanding that the effects of CBD are more impactful when it is allowed to build up within someone’s system, it’s supplements are taken in pill form (a first for CBD products, microencapsulation is also known to improve the absorption of ingredients) twice a day to increase bioavailability. I found receiving this regular systemized dosage pretty helpful (I would hate having to figure out my dosage each time). 

Innovative Stacking

Where Kaleidoscope Labs stands above the increasingly crowded niche is the innovative stacking concept. They currently offer five different formulas, which allows users to customize their experience by mixing and matching unique combinations of full-spectrum CBD extract and other natural ingredients based on their specific needs. For example, their product “Sleep” contains L-theanine and valerian root, two compounds that promote relaxation and tranquility. Their product “Wake” contains ginseng and vitamin B12, both known to rev up energy levels. 

Enhanced Focus

I tried the “Boost” product for a month and was pleasantly surprised. Containing 30 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD extract, it doesn’t have any bonus ingredients like some of their other products. This straightforward approach was exactly what I needed on my first deep dive into CBD. I found “Boost” especially useful in enhancing my focus and reducing my feeling of overwhelm. I felt much clearer in both identifying the items on my to-do list that were high priority and breaking them down into smaller manageable pieces. I felt much more present and effective, as opposed to stressing about the future and focusing on what still needed to be done. I was able to experience this without any of the negative side effects that tend to be reported with some other CBD products.

A Variety of Formulas

After the results of using Kaleidoscope Labs “Boost”, I’m sold and eager to try out some of their other variations. I love the idea of creating my own “mixtures” by stacking products, and I look forward to trying their “Soothe” combination, which promotes joint health and helps to calm inflammation. 

When surfing the Kaleidoscope Labs site, you have the option to submit information about yourself so that the company can help prescribe the best supplements for your specific lifestyle and situation. A one-time purchase of capsules will cost you $105.00, while you will save on a monthly subscription at $80. Give these mind-sharpening pills a try.