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Knix Catalyst Sports Bra Review: When is it the Right Fit?

Knix Catalyst Sports Bra

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Great for hot yoga lovers! The fabric is smooth and feels soft during your sweatiest flows. The thick band allows for it to be worn under a crop top as a cute layer. Or, you can just wear it alone as a cute crop top. There is some compression for support, but note: this is not for high intensity workouts. This model improves on the design of the Knix Racerback Evolution bra: instead of a pull-over design, the Knix Catalyst has three back clasps.

The slight compression provides just enough support to keep the girls locked and loaded in downward dog—or in your head-stands.


This is not a do-it-all sports bra, because it is meant to be soft, comfortable, slightly compressive, and supportive. This may not be for people with larger chests.

Bottom Line

Knix made this sports bra for medium intensity workouts. This makes it perfect for any sweaty yoga session. You can wear it all day without the tight compressive feel of most high-intensity options.

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All sports bras are not created equal. Some are better for yoga, others are better for a spin—while others can barely make it through your favorite HIIT session. If you’re looking for the best fitness gear, this review is for you. If you know and love the Knix Racerback Evolution bra, get ready for another winner from this brand: the Knix Catalyst. These sports bras are game-changers that will help you feel supported AND comfortable during your different sweat sessions, whether you’re doing cardio or leg day workouts. No more straps digging into your back and shoulders, and no more feeling like you can’t breathe because you’re compromising comfort to lock the girls in.

The Catalyst High Impact Sports Bra – Knix

The Knix Catalyst Sports Bra: Fitness Pro Approved

Some people try to sweat off their weight, using products like Sweet Sweat gel. Other people will instead prefer to work out in comfort. That’s where the Knix Catalyst sports bra comes in. If you find that it doesn’t work for your high-intensity workout, there are other options to consider. Read up on some of the best sports bras for high impact workouts, too.

Thanks for reading! Hopefully this review helps you find the perfect workout bra to pair with your favorite sport leggings. Let us know what you think about this review in the comments section below.