Could Molecule Sheets Be the Secret to a Perfect Night’s Sleep?

Molecule Bed Sheets

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Good For: The brand advertises itself as being great for athletes, because they give you a better night’s sleep, which aids in muscle recovery. Truth is, however, that everyone has sleep deprivation issues these days—and if you’re not sleeping well, you really won’t be able to perform any task as well. Whether or not you work out. In addition, no matter who you are, your body will not regulate heat as efficiently when you’re asleep, which will affect your sleep quality. So really, this product is good for everyone. Notable Attributes: Molecule sheets are made with a blend of cotton and Tencel®—a fiber made from wood pulp that wicks away moisture. Tencel is more breathable than cotton and is what’s responsible in this product for wicking away your sweat—and it’s especially soft when combined in a cotton blend. What I loved about these sheets is how breathable and lightweight they are. When you get too hot, these sheets help regulate temperature to keep you in a deep sleep, so that you can optimize recovery.


These sheets do start to fuzz up after several washes. Since the sateen set is slippery, the covers tend to shift when you move. Sizes/Types: Ranges from twin size to California king size, and comes in 5 different colors. Also comes in two different textures: sateen, which is reviewed here and is a bit like satin, and Percale, which is crisp like the sheets usually found in hotels.

Bottom Line

These sheets are on a whole different level. I got these out of curiosity—and I’m so glad that my curiosity got the best of me. I’m getting a better night’s sleep, waking up less sore, and able to lift more at the gym! Having the right sheets can apparently make a big difference, and they make a great addition to my other sleep products. Not sure if they’d be as effective on their own, but they definitely help with temperature control and make me much more comfortable at night.


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Being a workout fanatic, I’m always looking for the next best products to give me a great night’s sleep.  We are a sleep-deprived society, and sometimes it can be hard to find the time to sleep.  This is really rough if you work out—as rest is crucial to making sure your muscles recover properly.  I have tried everything from cortisol pills and CBD to sleep meditation.  All of these were great, but I still don’t always have the best quality of sleep, which is just as important as how many hours you’re getting.

I love trying out the latest and greatest in the world of health and fitness, so I decided to try Molecule sateen bed sheets.  Molecule makes products for your bed that claim to increase the quality of your sleep by transferring your excess body heat away from your body.  I often wake up hot, because I’m one of those people who can’t sleep unless I’m wrapped up under 500 blankets.  So maybe being wrapped in 500 Molecule sheets would be better? I decided to put that theory to the test.

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