Top Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Ideas for 2020

By Corey Lewis, CPT, CSCS

Bath Bomb Gift Set for Mom

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· 6 bath bombs · 3 pairs of thick woolen socks


· Ring plate not the highest quality

Bottom Line

This bath bomb gift set is my favorite wellness gift for my Mom because it covers all the bases. Here’s what it includes: · Set of six bath bombs · 3 pairs of woolen socks · 1 women’s scarf · Jewelry ring dish holder · Best Mom Ever coffee mug · Gift ready box Everybody loves a gift set and this one has been especially designed to delight all the mom’s out there. She’ll get a clever assortment of treats and essentials all wrapped up in a stunning presentation box. From the luxuriating bath bomb set to the ‘Best Mom Ever’ coffee mug, your mother will be able to indulge herself for the next 12-months with this delightful gift package. You simply can’t go wrong with this all-encompassing wellness and pampering gift set. You won’t even have to wrap this gift, because it will be delivered in a stunning presentation format. And, in the unlikely event that your mom isn’t thrilled, your purchase is backed up with a 100% money back guarantee!

Homasy Essential Oil Diffuser + Essential Oils

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· Beautiful diffuser design and wood grain · 4 Timers


· A little noisy · Not an effective humidifier

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The Homasy essential Oil Diffuser comes in an elegant Genie bottle design that is finished in wood grain. It features four timers to allow your mom to set and forget it. This is a large 500 ml capacity diffuser that will last for ages. This great gift comes with six 10 ml essential oil bottles. It also provides up to 15 hours of mist time. There is also an auto shut-off function to keep your mom safe and comfortable, even if she drifts off while relaxing on the couch. This diffuser and oil set is stunningly presented in a classic wood grain style. You also get a full complement of lavender, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemongrass, and sweet orange essential oils to infuse your mom’s living environment with a relaxing, refreshing aromatic scent.

Quility Premium Adult Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover

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· 100% premium cotton · 7 Layers of comfort


· May be too warm in the summer for some people · Quite heavy

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This Quility Premium Blanket is simply luxurious. It offers 7 layers to provide a superior level of comfort, makes use of an advanced sewing technique and is ultra-breathable. The other cotton layer of the blanket contains millions of premium micro glass beads to deliver great temperature control. Your purchase also includes a minky duvet cover which is super soft to the touch. cover can be quickly removed by unzipping it. You can custom select from a range of weights and sizes to get the best fit. Your mom will absolutely fall in love with this weighted blanket. This premium weighted blanket from Quility provides the ultimate in luxury comfort whether snuggling on the couch or lying in bed. It’s seven layers emulate the feeling of a comforting hug, allowing your mom to feel your presence all year round!

LUXOME Premium Adult Weighted Blanket

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· No bunching · Luxury removable cover


· Zipper is not overly reliable

Bottom Line

The Luxome inner gravity blanket is the perfect bed covering, featuring an extremely plush reversible minky/bamboo cover. It’s ideally weighted to prevent bunching of the gravity beads. This gravity blanket is made from 233TC cotton and features a machine washable easily removable cover. With this blanket, you can reduce your bed covering to a single item. The blanket is filled with 1 mm glass beads to provide filling that is guaranteed not to bunch up. The blanket within the cover is also sure not to bunch up thanks to the extra ties that you get with this gravity blanket. The outer covering is constructed from 300-thread count bamboo to maximize cooling, thermal regulating and moisture wicking. The bottom line – your mom deserves to have this as her new favorite bed covering!

52 Lists for Happiness: Weekly Journaling Inspiration for Positivity, Balance, and Joy

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· A journal list for every week of the year · Written by social media maven Moorea Seal


· Prompts become a little repetitive

Bottom Line

If your mom’s not into the happiness journaling habit yet, there’s no better time for her to get started than being gifted Morea Seale’s 52 Gifts for Happiness. This great set will make it easy and enjoyable for her to do just that. This happiness journal makes a fantastic Mom’s Day gift. Journaling is a relaxing, enjoyable practice that your Mom will love. The record she produces will allow her to mindfully reflect while also producing a legacy for family members.


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Mother’s Day is always a special occasion when we express our love and devotion to the woman who nurtured and loved us from infancy. But this year, Mother’s Day takes on even greater significance. The worldwide pandemic that has engulfed the globe has resulted in many of us being physically distanced from our mom’s over recent weeks.

This is especially true for me, because my mother is battling cancer. I don’t want to bring COVID-19 into her home to get her sick, nor do I want to infect the people who care for her. I’m thankful that she is not alone in her recovery, but it can be trying on my spirit to not be able to see her as much as I’d like to. These gifts are a small way for me to show her that I care, until it becomes safer to see her again.

Mother and daughter sitting on the couch looking happy together. The daughter gave her mom a present and some flowers which looks to be a good mother's day gift idea.
Mother’s Day is Always a Special Occasion (Image Source: Shutterstock)

We’ve all been concerned about the well-being of our parents. There is no better time to give Mom an expression of our love while also helping to keep her safe and well!

In this article, I’ve put together the top 5 wellness gifts for Mother’s Day that I have come across in my search for that special gift for my own mom. I’ve listed them in order of how much I love them, but I’ve got an admission to make…

I’ve missed my mom so much over the coronavirus lockdown that I’ve ordered every single one of them for her!

Why I Absolutely Love These Top 5 Wellness Gifts

The statement that we are living in unprecedented times is probably the most overused phrase of 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in lockdowns that have forced us to live in our own isolated immediate family bubbles for extended periods of time. This has, of course, been necessary to control the deadly spread of the virus. However, it has also forced family members apart.

A Time to Reconnect

I love my mom. I’m fortunate because she lives just a few minutes away, depending on traffic. So, in normal times (i.e pre-COVID 19) I would visit her once or twice per week. But with the isolated bubble situation that we’ve been living under lately, she might as well have been in another state. Compound that with the battle she’s facing, and you can imagine how much So communication is more important now than ever! I miss seeing her face to face. Of course, we’ve been Zooming every day, but it’s not the same!

Mother and daughter having a video call using a tablet.
Try To Reconnect (Image Source: Shutterstock)

That’s why Mother’s Day 2020 is such a big deal to me. And I’m betting it’s just as big a deal for you. It’s our opportunity to lavish our moms with heartfelt gifts that give a physical expression of how much we’ve missed her and how much we appreciate all she’s done and is doing for us.

You may not be as over the top as me and get your mom all five of the gifts that I’ve put on my Top 5 Wellness Gifts lift (it’s also my way of helping to get the economy back on track!) but any one of them will delight your mom.

Giving the Gift of Wellness

I’ve classified these gifts under the heading of Wellness gifts because the pandemic situation that we are living under is especially vulnerable to the elderly. So, giving our Mom’s a gift that will help her stay warm, comfortable and relaxed has therapeutic as well as emotional benefits.

Consider the bath bomb in my gift set. Few things are as relaxing, de-stressing and rejuvenating for a busy mom as taking a bubble bath. If your mom has trouble getting a good night’s sleep, it’s also a great stepping stone toward bedtime that will set the scene for her to drift off to a satisfying, energizing sleep. The half dozen bath bombs that come with your gift pack will make bath time a real treat for your mom.  The six flavors are Relaxation (Chocolate), Detox (Vanilla), Energize (Green tea), Distress (Eucalyptus), Sinus (Ocean), and Citrusy (Orange). The bombs are all made from natural essential oils and olive oil. They’re designed to keep your skin moisturized while also helping to relieve stress. What’s more, they won’t leave a stain on the surface of your mom’s bathtub!

How to Build the Perfect Bubble Bath – NikkiVegan

Another item in the gift box that I know my mom will absolutely love is the 3 pairs of woolen socks. I don’t know about your mom but mine is always telling me that, if I’m going to spend money on her, make sure that it’s practical. Well, what could be more practical than, not one, but three, pairs of woolen socks. And these are not just your everyday run of the mill socks. Each pair features a cool color collage that will work with whatever outfit your mom happens to be wearing. The warm wool will keep her feet cozy in all types of weather. Each sock is constructed from 35% wool, 29% cotton and 36% polyester.

To complement those toe warming socks, the gift set also features a stylish scarf-shawl made of ultra-soft cashmere-like acrylic. This scarf shawl measures 79 inches in length by 23 inches width to provide full warmth protection for your mom’s neck and upper body. It comes in a soft, medium weight.

The rest of this gift box set features items that are designed to pamper and delight your mom. They include a pink “Best Mom Ever” coffee mug, and a  jewelry dish ring holder that has been crafted from quality glazed ceramic. Emblazoned on the dish is the message, “Remember, I love you mom.”

You also get a gift ready box to “the best mother in the world.”

Keeping Mom Cozy and Warm

You may have noticed that two items in my top 5 list feature products designed to keep you mom cozy and warm in the evenings. The more comfortable and warm your mom is, the less likely it is that she’s going to succumb to any sniffles or bugs. And besides, doesn’t the thought of your mom snuggling up with a mug of coffee, all wrapped up in the premium weighted blanket you bought her while watching her favorite Netflix show just warm your heart?

Not only is the Quility Premium weighted blanket ultra-comfy, it is also considered by many to be the ultimate stress reliever. And, it has also been shown to help its users get a better night’s sleep!

The Quility weighted blanket is made up of seven layers to provide the maximum amount of comfort, warmth and protection. The 100% cotton outer layer is lined with non-glue polyester padding along with two extra polyester layers containing millions of premium micro glass beads. That configuration delivers the ideal temperature control.

Your Quility weighted blanket comes complete with a pre-attached minky cover. It’s super soft to the touch and ridiculously comfortable. Your mom can use the cover in winter for that extra warmth and then remove it to keep cool during summer.

Use This Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Inspiration

Think of these Mother’s Day gift ideas as ways to stay connected with your mom, even if you can’t connect in person. These ideas can be inspiration for other gifts of your choosing. For example, while I loved the 52 Lists for Happiness by Morea Seal, I came across another one which I also had to grab. It’s the The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal by Gretchen Rubin. This one focuses on the benefits and pleasure of recording just a single sentence each day. The book covers a total of 5-years, allowing your mom to create a fascinating half-decade time capsule that will become a cherished legacy for generations to come. The point is, some of the items on this list may inspire you to instead choose other, similar items that are an even better fit for your Mom.


Don’t let the Covid-19 restrictions inhibit your ability to give your mom a gift that she’ll cherish this Mother’s Day. Whether your mom would delight in receiving a fitness journal or a new set of cooling sheets, she will appreciate the thought and time you took to pick out a gift for her. And if you need a little inspiration, my top 5 wellness gifts are guaranteed to delight your mom while keeping her cozy, safe and secure.

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