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SAXX Underwear Men’s Ultra Boxer Briefs Review

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SAXX Underwear Men\’s Boxer Briefs

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Rating: 4 out of 5

SAXX Underwear Men’s Ultra Boxer Briefs are designed with mesh panels to prevent chafing while working out. They are made from super soft moisture-wicking fabric and are fitted with a fly for extra comfort and convenience. These briefs also feature an anti-roll waistband to keep them secure when you’re exercising. SAXX’s patented BallPark Pouch will keep your gear in place and prevent friction. It even has "Flat Out Seams" to prevent any skin irritation. These impressive boxer briefs are also available in 28 patterns.


These boxers are not that tight, which may not be to the preference of some guys. Some men may also find them to be a little too long and restrictive for comfort. SAXX underwear is also quite pricey.

Bottom Line

SAXX Underwear Men’s Ultra Boxer Briefs are not for everyone. But, if you’re an active guy who’s after a high-quality pair of boxer briefs that will keep your tackle box tight and safe while preventing chafing and friction, then these are the briefs for you.

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About SAXX

SAXX has been producing innovative undergarments and sleepwear since 2006. Back then, founder Trent Kitsch put his focus into producing an underwear range that would solve what he saw as the two major problems in the market: chafing and friction.

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SAXX Company Has Grown To Become A Major Force In The Male Undergarment Industry (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The solution that Trent created—the BallPark Pouch—became the foundation for SAXX. Over the past 15 years, the company has grown to become a major force in the male undergarment industry.

SAXX is a Canadian company that is based in Vancouver,  British Columbia. Their mission statement is to “support guys in challenging everyday comfort.” In addition to providing the garments to meet that need, they have created a community of men to support charitable causes. 

SAXX offers a range of underwear styles to suit all guys. In addition to their innovative BallPark Pouch technology, they have also introduced Flat Out Seams for enhanced comfort against the skin, as well as 3D fit technology for enhanced ergonomic support around the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. 

SAXX offers a comfort guarantee along with free shipping on orders over $50. 

Workout Clothes

Workout clothing has come a long way in the last few years. With the advancements in fabric technology, the best gym clothes—t-shirts, singlets, track pants, and shorts and underwear—are moisture wicking and odor resistant. Look for designs that won’t restrict your natural range of movement when working out. For example, long, loose t-shirts can easily get caught up with the bar when you’re doing exercises like upright rows and dumbbell curls.

There is an impressive range of eco-friendly activewear available both online and in stores.  They make use of innovative fabrics (like bamboo) that feel great against your skin, wick away sweat, and help the environment. 

When it comes to the lower body, the best workout clothes need to be both squat and lunge proof. That means that they need to have the flexibility and durability to allow you to bend down to a full squat without risking any embarrassing accidents. 

SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs Review

SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs provide a more relaxed fit than the other briefs in the SAXX range. They are designed to be worn during workouts and other high-activity times. These briefs are very breathable, ensuring that you don’t become sweat-soaked. Unlike many competitors, you won’t have to put up with extra bunching when you’re working out with these briefs on.

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SAXX Have 28 Fabric Design Options To Select From (Image Source: Shutterstock)

SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs are custom designed to be tighter around the glutes and a little looser down the thighs. The frontal fly makes it easy to do your business, while the anti-roll waistband ensures that you won’t get any slippage when you’re half-way through a set of squats or running hill sprints. The flat seam design of these boxer briefs adds to the overall comfort level.

The fabric that has been used to create these briefs is a mix of moisture-wicking viscose and spandex and features a 5-inch seam. There are 28 fabric design options to select from. In addition, you can buy your SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs in solid colors including indigo and black. 

To care for your SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs, machine wash in cold water and then tumble dry on low heat. They are available in sizes from S to XXL to fit waists from 28 to 46 inches.

Ball Pouch Underwear

Undoubtedly the main unique selling point when it comes to SAXX underwear is their BallPark Pouch technology. It is designed to reduce friction, and it is effectively a luxuriantly soft lock box to keep your crown jewels in proper alignment when you are active. The pouch is designed to fit ergonomically with your anatomy. The pouch features mesh panels to separate your testicles from your thighs. That means that you won’t have to contend with the stickiness and discomfort that most guys are all too familiar with. The ball pouch will provide you with the natural, unencumbered movement that you deserve when you’re wanting to focus on other things than groin discomfort. 

Best Boxer Briefs for Men?

So, are SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs the best activewear boxer briefs on the market right now? That’s a subjective question which really comes down to personal preference. Yet, if you were to search for “Best Boxer Briefs for Men,” SAXX would be bound to make an appearance in the top search results. The best boxer briefs should make you forget that you’re wearing them. At the same time, they should provide you with the support and technology to keep your gear in place when you’re on the move.

SAXX UNDERWEAR Boxer Brief REVIEW | World’s Best Boxer Brief?! – Roy Wilkinson

SAXX Ultra Boxer Briefs tend to top most lists when it comes to support and profile. It’s the cotton blend fabric paired with the unique SAXX BallPark Pouch. This combination makes these activewear briefs more supportive and comfortable than many competitors. 

The SAXX Ultra is also a winner with many online verified purchasers. A number of guys mentioned that it’s like not wearing anything at all while still keeping all their bits in the right places.