Can This Training Mask Take Your Fitness to The Next Level?

Training Mask 3.0 – Workout Elevation Performance Fitness Mask

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This mask is great for those looking to advance their fitness levels, especially those who want to work on their stamina. Many athletes, aspiring athletes, and firefighters use this mask to advance themselves in training. (You don’t have to be an athlete or a firefighter, but you sure can train like one.) The training mask comes with an instructional booklet to guide you on how to use your mask to the best of its ability and get the results you want. The mask comes with adjustable caps, which allow you to control respiration levels during training. Sizes vary according to your weight. The mask also comes in several different colors


When you first begin using this tool, be prepared to be winded. Take your time getting to the maximum level.

Bottom Line

This tool might seem strange at first, but it’s a no brainer that will help with your performance in your workouts. The results are gratifying; after every workout, you will feel so invincible. Sizes/Types: There are many masks to choose from, with different sleeves and patterns. The mask sizes vary according to weight. Buy It: $29.99


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Challenge yourself. 

Take your training to new heights with this innovative training tool, The Training Mask. Men and women all over the world have recently started to train with this unique mask and the results have been impressive. This conditioning respiratory device is cutting edge, and designed to aid in the growth and development of your respiratory muscles. 

RCT (Respiratory Compensation Threshold) is the boundary between high intensity activity and severe intensity exertion. Under normal conditions, the body’s drive to breathe is based on carbon dioxide levels in the blood. When RCT is reached, the body’s drive to breathe is driven by lactate levels. This causes very heavy respiration and signifies a transition point in which fatigue starts to overcome the body’s ability to sustain exercise intensity. The Training Mask increases your RCT, which allows the body to generate incrementally more effort before the point of exhaustion is reached. Training with this mask will teach you to breathe more efficiently, and help you reach an unparalleled level of stamina, endurance, and recovery.  

I wear my mask during my workout sessions while jumping rope, running, or weight training.  I can definitely tell a difference in my respiratory conditioning. The mask has taught me to control my breathing and has absolutely helped increase my endurance. 

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