Should We Be Taking Supplements?

When it comes to supplements, I always find myself asking the same questions, no matter how experienced I think I am with them.

Which supplements should I be taking? Are they good for me? Are they worth it? Are they helping me reach my goals?

I’ve been taking supplements for as long as I can remember. I first started utilizing supplements way back in high school when I first started playing football. As any athlete/competitor knows, looking for ways to enhance performance in a safe and legal manner is always on our minds. Whether you’re a professional or collegiate athlete, semi-pro athlete, or just someone looking to make gains in the gym, we all want that extra boost to help us reach the goal we have set for ourselves. Nutritional supplements are typically non-food items that are meant to do exactly what their name implies: supplement your everyday lifestyle in order to enhance your daily performance and nutritional program.

For many people, supplements are a huge part of their lifestyles. These days, we’re all very busy, and sometimes our daily nutrition ends up taking a backseat. For that reason, we often times find ourselves not getting enough of the essential nutrients that food has to offer that will allow us to reach optimal health levels. This is where supplements provide benefits, because they are generally easy to take, and help people reach nutritional needs and goals in a more efficient manner. However, no one should take supplements thinking that they will make up for a bad diet and lack of exercise. I personally use BioTech USA products and highly recommend them—but I’m not receiving any payment from the brand to do so. I’m not here to “sell” them to you, but it’s a brand that’s worked wonders for me.

The main question that I continue getting is, “Am I using the right supplements?”

Supplements should be used in order to make your goals easier to reach. This is the same reason why supplements such as protein are so useful. It’s very hard to get enough protein just from food, so supplementing with powder makes it much easier. It’s a smart move! 

Supplements are also meant to improve your inner health as well. This is why vitamins, fish oil and certain minerals are really important. They make your body work better and make you feel better—meaning that you will ultimately perform better because of them. Compare this concept to the upkeep of a car. If you don’t get proper oil changes, the parts of the car will not work optimally! Think of the right supplements as oil for your body’s engine. 

Throughout my years as a personal and online trainer, I have learned the importance of overall wellness—not just the numbers and stats that measure  traditional markers of health. Often times, it has nothing to do with being big and strong. Think about how the habits that you’re following affect your body and health, and figure out whether these are positive or negative habits. The right supplements can make your life easier—and help you keep your body in tip-top shape as you make gains in fitness and health. 

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