The Best Resistance Band for Bigger Glutes

By Soji James, CPT, CSCS

With many celebrities and influencers at the forefront, a certain kind of booty is quickly becoming the ideal for many women.  In addition to being aesthetically appealing, bigger glutes can also lead to improved hip function and athletic performance. Some of the exercises with the most potential include variations of the squat, deadlift, and hip thrust—and they can be fairly complex. Performing these movements incorrectly could lead to injury, or render the movements ineffective in your quest for a bigger, stronger butt. Mini resistance bands are simple, cost-efficient tools that can help you improve your movement quality and take your glute workout to the next level.

Warm Up With a Resistance Band Butt Workout

These are versatile pieces of equipment that are designed for beginners or professionals. Placing the bands above or below your knees forces you to reflexively drive your knees apart during lower body movements, clean up your technique, and initiate more glute involvement. Utilizing booty bands during your warmup or during the main exercises of your workout allows you to build up the smaller, but tougher-to-target muscles around your legs and hips, which leads to improved mobility and better results. The problem with traditional mini bands is that they can break easily, may not provide enough resistance, and might refuse to stay in place.

Sling Shot Grippy Hip Circle

I needed something more reliable for myself and for my clients, so I purchased theSling Shot Grippy Hip Circle By: Mark Bell

Photo Credit: Amazon

This easily has become one of my most fruitful purchases. I personally use it during my warmup for hip/glute activation, and I’ve seen my numbers skyrocket. My clients love it as well, and appreciate its versatility. Getting more out of each movement has led to quicker strength gains and more muscle tone. The challenging resistance will be sure to leave your glutes on fire!

Resistance Band Booty Workout Video

Good for: All fitness levels! Whether you are a professional athlete looking to improve your performance or a beginning glute enthusiast looking to build the perfect butt, this product is for you.

Why I Loved It:

  • Regular bands can snap, roll up, and pull at your skin. The Hip Circle is durable, made of comfortable material, and stays put.
  • It helps to build muscle and strength. By activating and strengthening the smaller muscles around your hips, you can get more out of each and every movement.
  • Versatile for multiple exercises and uses.
  • It’s portable. Whether you are using this at the gym, in a hotel, or in the comfort of your own home, the slingshot will enhance your workout.
  • Use with or without workout leggings
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