The Lululemon Align Pants: Worth It? An Honest Review

We all know it can be a struggle to find the perfect yoga/workout pants. Recently, a few brands have finally started to listen to us—and are now creating yoga pants for all women, of all different shapes and sizes. Still, I find myself wanting more options that I love, and not ones that just get the minimal job done. There’s one in particular that has gotten my attention—and rightfully so; it’s been a best seller in the fitness world.

Lululemon’s Align Pants have become a favorite amongst many. You can find these leggings at any Lululemon, as well as on their website: Align Shop

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Who It’s Good For: These Align pants come in 3 different lengths: 21” crop, 25” pant, 28” full pant. 3 particular sizes to fit all heights—and one thing to add is that Lululemon offers free hemming with purchase. 

Notable Attributes: The pants form to the body and offer the most comfort, as they’re made of Nulu material: a buttery soft fabric that is sweat proof and has 4 way stretch. These also include LYCRA fibre for shape retention. Secure, lightweight, and form fitting.

Why I Love it:

1.) These pants have taken over and has been a recent favorite amongst many including myself. I love that these pants fit my curvy body shape perfectly.

2.) All the different lengths that they offer come in a variety of seasonal colors.

3.) ’These leggings are high-waisted—making them fashionable and flattering. One of the biggest and most favored trends are a high waist and these leggings come high waisted. A lot of times yoga pants have waistbands that really start to dig in to your skin, but this particular waistband won’t be.

4.) They include a pocket on the waistband to hold a key or card, convenient for outdoor runs and/or activities.

5.) These pants are versatile—and the best in performance for working out, as well as your day-to-day activities. when it comes to being on the go, running errands, or just simply lounging these pants won’t disappoint!

Sizes: 0-14

Buy It: Again, you can find these leggings at any Lululemon, as well as on their website:Align Shop

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