Off The Cuff Interviews
With Friends & Experts

Off The Cuff with 1AND1 LIFE is a new video series where the team sits down with notable entrepreneurs, athletes, influencers and more. We discuss all things wellness—Mental, Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Financial. Yes, our conversations start with a direction, but the most valuable ideas are Off The Cuff: free-flowing, raw and real. All Off The Cuff Episodes can be found on our IGTV and YouTube Channels#1AND1OTC


This week we go Off the Cuff with entertainer Klarity, aka Greg Davis, Jr. With most states moving toward legalization of cannabis, this is an opportune time to dissect the issues surrounding weed. Klarity provides some much-needed clarity to provide perspective.


The first few months of 2020 have left people bewildered and uncertain about what to do with their money. Bob Fuest has the passion and the experience to provide the financial guidance that we all need. Here’s some sound advice on improving your financial situation during the pandemic.


This week, we went Off the Cuff with Fractional CFO, Courtney Epps. Achieving financial wellness is a goal that many people strive towards. With many of us reeling from recent events, the need for sage financial advice has never been greater. Few people are as well equipped to provide it as Courtney Epps. Here’s what she had to say.


During trying times like the COVID-19 lockdown, it’s important to have a strong mindset. We went Off the Cuff with Larry Sharpe to learn about his experience as a Staff Sergeant in the US Marine Corps, and the lessons he learned. Here’s his advice on developing mental strength to power through the toughest of times.


The killing of George Floyd sparked a wave of protest, outrage, and violence that America hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years, while peaceful Black Lives Matter activists marched to bring awareness to the systemic problems in our criminal justice system. NYPD Detective Staggers was on the ground, and gave us his opinion on what took place in New York City.


The world is struggling to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic, and Mental Health Awareness Month could not be more timely. In the spirit of facilitating meaningful conversation , we went Off the Cuff with Doug Middleton, NFL Football Safety for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Here’s what he had to say about his mission to increase mental health awareness.