The Best Workout Leggings For Yoga and Running

By Sam Davis, BHS, CPT, FNS

We all know that finding the cutest pair of leggings can be the best inspo for getting your booty back into shape. (Anyone else use this as justification to buy three pairs of leggings at once?).

Still, looks aren’t everything—and for peace of mind during our most intense workout sessions, there’s one thing active ladies can all agree on: Our leggings must pass the squat test.

How many times have you bought a seemingly flawless and flattering pair of leggings—only to realize during yoga class, in downward dog, that your best friend behind you can tell you the exact color of your underwear?

Luckily, I’m a legging junkie and have probably purchased and tested more leggings than you could possibly imagine… I did all the embarrassing squat tests for you. I got you.

How to Choose The Right Gym Leggings

While these are my favorite workout leggings of all time, they’re designed as fitness clothing, not leisure wear. I am quick to take them off, shower, and put something else on that isn’t compressive at all (like the Lululemon Align Pant). I am 5’10, so the longer the legging, the better off it is for me. But for more shorter-fit gals out there, these will be long on you.

Luckily, Lululemon actually offers free hemming. They can hem wherever you choose, and the measurements are taken while you are wearing the pant—which is crucial since these leggings are so stretchy and the length changes as you pull them over your legs. The turnaround time is about 3 days, which isn’t terrible at all.

Squat-Proof and Quick-Drying Workout Leggings

My go-to, without-a-doubt, squat-tested and approved workout leggings for women are the Speed It Up Tights from Lululemon. They’re made of a fabric called Luxtreme, which is a very smooth, compressive, and quick-drying fabric for the most support during your sweatiest of workout sessions.

No more sweat trails in all the wrong places AND these leggings are made with a bit of compression so they don’t slide all over the place during your workouts. Most importantly, the Fast & Free 4-way stretch accommodates every jump, stretch, and squat, putting it at the top of my squat-proof list.

Overall, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, flattering legging that doesn’t slip and slide and 100% passes the squat test, the Speed It Up Tight is definitely worth the investment for any sweat junkie. P.S. They give you washing instructions for a reason, so just make sure you follow those directions to ensure you get as many years out of them as possible! 

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