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Rachel Joy

Education & Experience: B.A. in Fashion, Retail Merchandising, Product Development, Marketing Minor, Florida State University.

Hailing from Miami, Rachel Joy is a fitness coach, model, entrepreneur, and influencer. She has made appearances as a model and fitness athlete at numerous trade shows, including the Olympia, Arnold Sports Festival, Miami SwimShow, LA Fit, Miami, and Europa expos. Rachel has served as a spokesmodel for Tally Valley Nightlife Video Magazine and Tally Business Profile Magazine and as a brand ambassador for MKTG, About Face Models, Nutrishop, and VLR Group Promotions.

Rachel walked for two years in the fashion show at her alma mater, Florida State. She modeled swimwear by Lila Nikole (2016) and JypseaLocal (2018) for Miami Swim Week and appeared on a Hera x Hero billboard advertisement in Brazil. She was featured on Fitness Gurls in 2017 and in Miami Vibes in 2020. She was the lead in the music video for “I Wanna Hear Some Steel” by Tobacco Rd Band. In 2017, she launched her own beach workout program for women.

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Rachel is passionate about health and fitness, fashion and beauty, and helping people to achieve their goals. You’ll often catch her working out in one of her favorite places: on the beach.

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