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Our Executive Team, Experts, and Lifestyle Ambassadors love the media. If you are interested in an interview with any of us, or if you have a general press inquiry, please contact pr@1and1life.com and include a detailed subject line.


Our partners work with us to create content that engages the diverse audiences that we speak to. They share our vision to make mental health and modern wellness accessible to those that need it most through content, curation, and community.


We’re always searching for new retail partners across the health & wellness product categories that we write content for. If you’re a retailer that’s interested in an affiliate relationship with us, please contact connect@1and1life.com.


At 1AND1 Life, we’re super passionate about storytelling and good content; it’s in our DNA, Our content solutions are driven by data, our unique understanding and application of culture and the internal systems that drive our results and engagement. We are open to syndicating versions of our content to partners to complement their existing editorial or social media content offerings, as well as crafting unique content programs/assets by way of content licensing. We are open to working with partners, given that it’s a good fit for both brands and their equity/messaging. Please contact connect@1and1life.com for more information and include an appropriate subject line. 

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