Beauty Tips: Healthy Ways to Care for Your Hair, Skin & Teeth

When I’m not out in public I still want to look my best. I take care of myself because it makes me feel good, so following good beauty tips is important, even when it’s just for me. How you look has a powerful impact on your mental health. That’s why I am taking the time to revisit some proven beauty tips. Keep reading to discover my advice on how to look your best—and take the pledge to do it for you!

Back To Basics

The most important beauty tip you can follow has to do with your bedtime. Do you get enough sleep? If you’re getting an adequate amount of sleep, you will wake up with a healthy glow. Sleep deprivation makes your skin look older, adds more wrinkles, and worsens bags under your eyes. It also zaps your energy and willpower, so you’ll get less done during the day.

8 Effective Skincare Tips (for healthy glowy skin) – Renee Amberg

One in three Americans doesn’t get enough sleep, so if that’s you, go to bed earlier if you want to look your best. Get better sleep, and you will look your best while your productivity zooms.

The next most important tip is to drink more water. Hydration isn’t just important when you’re working out. Skip the sodas and juices and drink more water. Not drinking enough water makes you look wrinkly and splotchy. It can also make your skin dry and flakey. A tall glass of water first thing in the morning will increase your metabolism by up to thirty percent and boost your skin tone and radiance. But you won’t just be helping your skin. A faster metabolism will also help you get a jump on your day. You will get more done, and you will burn more calories as well, but only if you keep up your hydration as you go.

These are the two most important tips for clear skin, but there are more. Regular exercise is essential if you want to look your best. Strength training will get your muscles and skin toned, cardio will burn excess fat away, and mobility exercises will help your balance and poise. Breathing and mindfulness exercises round everything out by eliminating stress and elevating your mood.

Eat The Best Food For Hair And Skin

Nutrition is one of the most important hair care tips. It’s important to eat healthy foods, but it’s equally important to avoid unhealthy foods. Excess carbohydrates, especially sugar, lead to inflammation and bloating. People who reduce sugar intake look slimmer and healthier. Even if you don’t eat too many calories, the ice cream and sugary snacks will promote water retention and low-grade inflammation. Over time, inflammation doesn’t just make you look bad, it can contribute to a variety of diseases like metabolic syndrome.

Eating right is how to get healthy hair fast, and should be an important part of your hair care routine. There are a lot of tasty foods for hair health that are full of good fats. Avocado, nuts, and fish are good for the skin and hair and can be an important part of a healthy diet. Healthy fats hydrate your skin and help create a radiant glow. But don’t eat too much avocado or other high-fat foods. Food for hair health can become unhealthy when you overeat, so practice moderation.

Vitamin supplements can be an important part of your beauty regimen. Hair is essentially an extension of the skin, so the best vitamins for the hair are also good for the skin, making them an important skincare tip.

Multivitamins and supplements with fresh and healthy fruits on white wooden background as part of beauty tips.
Vitamin Supplements Can Be An Important Part Of Your Beauty Regimen (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Here is my list of the best vitamins for skin, hair, and nails:

Vitamin A

Carotenoids are necessary for growth and are a vital ingredient in sebum, the healthy oil secreted by your skin.

B Vitamins

Healthy blood and proper metabolism require adequate amounts of B vitamins. Supplementing B vitamins may boost your energy levels as well as help your skin grow. So to keep your body, skin, and hair healthy, make sure you get enough of your B vitamins.

Vitamin C

The collagen in your skin requires vitamin C, which also controls iron absorption. Get enough vitamin C, and your skin will be smoother and more elastic.

Vitamin D

Your body makes vitamin D if you stand in the sun for fifteen minutes a day. If you will be out longer than fifteen minutes, wear a good sunscreen.


While it is not a vitamin, iron is necessary for B vitamins to function, and vitamin C is necessary to absorb iron. A deficiency of iron causes your hair to become dry and listless, and your nails will become weak and brittle.

Vitamin E

Getting enough vitamin E will fight wrinkles and protect your skin.

The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E,  and K can be toxic if you take too much, so consult with your doctor to ensure you are taking a healthy amount.

Beauty Tips And White Teeth

Learn how to whiten teeth naturally with proper dental hygiene and do-it-yourself remedies.

Woman smiling with pearly white healthy teeth.
Brush, Floss, And Rinse Every Day For Optimal Dental Health And A Brighter Smile (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The most overlooked thing you can do to whiten and strengthen your teeth is using dental floss. Flossing removes food and plaque that could otherwise yellow your teeth. You can build a habit around brushing your teeth that include the full spectrum of care. Brush, floss, and rinse every day for optimal dental health and a brighter smile. An added benefit is that your teeth will stay whiter longer and need less care when you go to the dentist. You can also use baking soda or hydrogen peroxide on your teeth, but I’d suggest using tubes of toothpaste that have sodium bicarbonate or hydrogen peroxide as their ingredients. They are formulated to work faster than at-home remedies and are less likely to cause irritation. 

I’ve had a lot of people ask me if brushing your teeth with activated charcoal is safe. Charcoal is abrasive and can do permanent damage to your teeth. Some experts say you can use it once a month, but if you want to try it, consult with your dentist first.

The best way to learn how to strengthen teeth is to ask your dentist. The recommendations start with things you already know: Use a pre-rinse, a fluoride toothpaste, floss, and use medicated mouthwash every day. If possible, follow a dental care routine every time you eat. Avoid foods that are sugary, starchy, or full of acids that can damage enamel. Apple cider vinegar benefits you in several ways and has been touted as a tooth whitener. While there is no solid evidence to support this claim, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy its other benefits.

How well are you taking care of yourself and your image? Try one of these beauty tips today and see how much better you can look and feel.