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Head Dietician

Silvia Carli-Reese MS, RD, CSCS

Title: Head Dietician

Education: M.S. in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition from Florida State University, and pursuing MBA at Wagner College

Silvia started her career as a clinical dietitian in the acute care setting. After almost two years, her chance to enter the sports nutrition world presented itself and led her to move to New York, where she recently created and managed the sports nutrition program at Wagner College in Staten Island. At Wagner, she was a resource for all twenty-two varsity teams. There, she provided them with individual nutrition education, pre- and post-workout snacks and shakes, and counseling. She helped athletes with eating disorders, using a multidisciplinary approach to recovery. She also worked with the food service company on campus to help optimally fuel their student-athletes, and served as a strength coach.

With her experience as a professional and collegiate volleyball player and her diverse professional and academic background, she believe in a holistic approach to fitness, wellness and nutrition. Silvia values science-based nutrition education as a precious tool to empower clients in finding their own way to reach performance and health goals.

Articles Written by Silvia Carli-Reese MS, RD, CSCS