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Corey L. Lewis

Title: Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Education: B.S. in Communications; M.S in Sports Administration from The University Of Illinois [CPT; CSCS]

I’m Corey, Co-Founder & Co-CEO at 1AND1. 1AND1 was born out of a combination of my love of movement, my strong belief in the mind-body connection, and my passion for the power of community.  

A lifelong lover of sports, I played football in the Big Ten Conference at The University of Illinois, was part of the Academic All Big-Ten for three years, and won the Big Ten Distinguished Scholar Award. Afterward, I played a short stint as a professional football player and persevered through four ACL surgeries and seven knee surgeries. These trials ultimately strengthened me—and the life lessons and practical advice I gained during those years have been integral to my role at 1AND1.

While recuperating from my many injuries and surgeries, I came to appreciate the role that mindset has–both in sports performance and in the ability to recover and successfully rise above challenges, even off the field. While I pivoted away from professional sports to a career in personal training, I saw that my best clients responded, not just to the exercises I taught in each training session, but to my advice around goal-setting, personal development, and mental health. Observing this made me feel strongly about developing programs that address not just physical transformation, but transformation of the whole person–inside and out. 

I’m extremely passionate about health, wellness, and fitness, but there’s also a side of me that’s deeply committed to building a community. Through this platform, my goal is to unite like-minded people in pursuit of their highest selves. Our website, app, social media channels, podcast, and in-person events are each strands that connect the broader 1AND1 community, building a true team that’s committed to being 1% Better, Together.

To learn more about me and stay up-to-date on the latest, find me on Instagram @bigc1and1