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Burn Fat Faster And Boost Your Focus With This MCT Oil

Bulletproof Brain Octane MCT Oil

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Rating: 5 out of 5

Those on the keto diet, or those looking to experience some of the fat-burning, energy-boosting effects of C8.

Notable Attributes/Details:
100% caprylic acid, 100% coconut-sourced, expelled and pressed using only pressure instead of chemicals or unnatural ingredients, lab tested for purity.

Contains the most powerful type of medium chain fat—flavorless so you can easily put it into your favorite foods. Provides quick energy, fat-burning capabilities, and enhanced focus.


The flavorless attribute of this product is great for people who want to mix it into their foods—but if you’re looking for something you can take without mixing, I’d look for something else. Additionally, this product can be strong. I recommend the XCT oil from BulletProof or really taking the time to build up your tolerance to brain octane oil, because there can be side effects such as nausea, stomach aches, and diarrhea.

Bottom Line

Brain Octane By BulletProof worked wonders for me! It provided a much needed source of sustainable energy and enhanced focus, and really was a help in my own personal fat loss journey. I highly recommend it!

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Full disclaimer: coffee’s never been my thing. I have nothing against it; coffee just wasn’t a mainstay in my home growing up. But we need to acknowledge that coffee has become a mainstay in our society—a cultural phenomenon. Ask a member of the caffeine-hive and you will likely hear a laundry list of potential benefits, including increased energy levels, enhanced physical performance, heightened focus, and the ability to tolerate co-workers better. (Yep; there’s actually a study that proves it here.)

Brain Octane vs. MCT Oil: A Definitive Guide – Bulletproof

This all sounds enticing to me—and with increasing demands on my schedule, I was hitting a place of both mental and physical burnout. Knowing about my lack of affinity to coffee, a friend recommended that I try out Brain Octane Oil from BulletProof, and I can honestly say that it has changed the coffee game for me entirely.

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are a naturally occurring source of dietary fats that are abundantly found in coconuts. They digest easily, providing quick fuel for the brain and body. There are multiple types of MCT Oils, but not all are created equal. Brain Octane by BulletProof is made up of the good stuff, caprylic acid (C8). C8 helps you burn fat faster by mimicking the effects of ketosis in your body. (If you’re familiar with the veto diet, you may be familiar with this as well.) With only 8 carbon molecules, brain octane is broken down rapidly and converted into brain-boosting, fat-torching ketone energy.

For me, the effects were almost instantaneous. I felt what I could describe as a “natural high” as I floated through the morning with a level of focus I hadn’t experienced before. I have pretty long days, and I noticed that when I started introducing the brain octane oil into my morning shakes, I began to feel sustained energy throughout the morning and felt fuller. I can easily see how this can be helpful for someone who is struggling with a big appetite or hunger suppression.

In addition, my ability to push harder through intense workouts improved, as I simply had more energy. While the usage of brain octane also coincided with my training, and my efforts to lower my carb consumption while increasing my protein and fat quantity, I’ve seen increases in lean muscle mass and my body fat reduction that can only be attributed to the introduction of brain octane oil.

Brain Octane is flavorless, so it can easily be added to coffee, shakes, oatmeal, and even salad dressings. My only recommendation: if you try it, build up your intake gradually. I was initially warned about this, but tried to be a hero at first and doubled the recommended dosage. I was hit with some intense stomach pains and a headache that I will not soon forget! But with a more gradual approach, I saw my results.

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